Integrated Video Platform.

Consolidate your video learning tools with a single platform for capture, live streaming, collaboration and video management.

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Deploy an integrated video platform into your enterprise

Live Course Streaming

Live stream courses and training from any classroom, conference room, or offsite location.

Lecture Capture Tools

Record ideas and discussions as they flow with our DVR for the Classroom solution.

Video Classrooms

Launch video classrooms for live synchronous teaching and online training scenarios.


Our Video Platform Reduces IT and Support Costs.

Flexible video capture, streaming and collaboration maximizes the potential of your learning solution, without adding costs or additional work for instructors or IT staff.

1Fully automated scheduling of capture and live streaming simplifies the workflow.

2There’s no worry about missing live streams, since they’re available for later.

3Shared viewing of a live stream facilitates discussion among students.

4Students and team members can access lectures for later study or review.

5Auto-captioning of lectures allows for easy searching and rewinding.

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Deploy an integrated video learning platform into your education enterprise.

Record Class Training

Use dual capture for training sessions and live streaming. Participants can attend live and watch later on.


Media Captioning

We offer integrated auto-transcription for captures and ingested media that use best-of-breed voice-to-text.


Live Stream Offsite

Maximize the effectiveness of offsite training with live streaming within both the hardware and software platforms.


Experience Remotely

Use our video platform to allow participants to experience live presentations when they can’t be there in person.