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Provide institution-supported instant messaging and collaboration tools designed for learning and teaching. Real-time instant messaging facilitates office hours, tutorials, and after-class projects.

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Course-wide and 1:1 messaging integrated with our video conferencing.


Real-time communication and collaboration tools designed for education.


Group and 1:1 instant messaging for learning.

Live chat and 1:1 chats provide students and instructors with the tools to stay informed. Live chat are perfect for study groups, tutorials, and post-class discussions.


Real-time chats integrated with video conferencing.

Start a chat conversation then jump into a group project meeting with video and screen sharing with all members. Share and collaborate right within your web browser with nothing to download.


Instructors can setup team project and breakout rooms.

Setup individual project teams for your students to promote post-class team work on assigned readings, course projects and group activities.

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Promote peer learning within your LMS platform.

Fast instant messaging for today’s tech savvy students

Today’s students expect learning tools to offer the same simplicity of their social media apps. Being able to chat with course peers promotes a sense of community within in-person and online classes.

Link classroom discussions to post-classroom chats.

Class is over but your student’s learning is just getting started. With live chat, students can reach out to their peers to ask homework questions and jump into tutorial chats.

Supercharge your institution’s LMS with real-time interaction.

Built on our lightning-fast cloud, our real-time discussion and chat platform provides the dynamic and interactive conversation flow that students and faculty are asking for.