Live Media Streaming.

Students and instructors can tune in to real-time webcasting and recorded media streaming with YuJa. Our live media streaming supports both live broadcasting and recorded media streaming.

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Scalable and affordable media streaming solutions for education.


Adaptive streaming for a smooth media playback.

High-quality HD broadcasts provide vivid detail in media streaming.

Mobile apps and HTML5 players provides easy accessibility for mobile viewers.

Varied recording options to meet any need.

When you finish your livestream, the recording becomes part of your Media Library and is accessible – on computer, tablets and mobile device – to anyone who missed the livestream.

Manage your live stream and recorded media seamlessly.

Add a titles and metadata to your livestream. For instance, you might include both the lecture date, subject, closed-captioning, and index.


Send notifications to the group of a completed recording. This notifies anyone who missed the livestream of the recording.


Automatically schedule recordings using either a software or hardware-based platform with full room automation and administration.


Live streaming course content enables flexible learning options for students.


Mobile-enabled classrooms

Students who cannot attend class in-person can attend and participate from a home computer or mobile device.


Share special events

Share special with students, employees or team members. Bring educational events to a much wider audience in real-time.


Keep students on schedule

Keep students on schedule with livestreaming options. Encourage students to engage in the real-time class discussions.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Live Media Streaming tools, call us at 1-888-257-2278 or email an account manager

One video platform for all your institution’s media use cases.

1Video enters the YuJa platform through media ingest or capture solutions.

2In an automated process, video is encoded for live and on-demand delivery.

3Live streams are streamed directly from the YuJa Cloud in real-time and recorded.

4Students and others can watch media on computers or mobile devices.