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YuJa and Epiphan Pearl Hardware Solutions

Integrate your Epiphan Pearl Hardware with the YuJa Video Platform to help deliver video solutions with confidence.

YuJa and Epiphan Hardware Solutions


Pearl Hardware Solutions

Level Up Your Pearl Hardware Solution with YuJa

YuJa complements Epiphan Pearl Hardware Solutions’ automatic file uploading, event schedule synchronization, built-in confidence monitoring and other features, helping streamline your lecture capture, live streaming and other workflows. Direct integration capabilities maximize efficiency for your institution.


Seamless Integration

Powerful, Purpose-Built Solutions

Epiphan’s Pearl-2, Pearl Mini and Pearl Nano hardware encoders all integrate seamlessly with YuJa’s Video Platform, bringing together the scheduling, automation, and previewing tools of YuJa’s Video Content Management System (CMS) with Epiphan Video’s streaming and recording hardware.


Benefits of Integration

Why Pair Epiphan Pearl and YuJa?

Purpose Built

Built for recording and streaming, pairing Epiphan Pearl hardware with YuJa delivers intuitive video workflows ideal for lecture capture, flipped classrooms, hybrid or remote learning, and any other application that can be made more efficient with automation and seamless content management.

Confidence Monitor

Every Pearl system includes a built-in confidence monitor, which allows presenters to verify video and audio levels with a quick glance, so they can be confident their presentation can be seen and heard by viewers.

Peace of Mind

Cameras and audio equipment can be directly connected to the hardware for fewer points of failure. The ability to set up a multi-source confidence monitor with Pearl’s MultiViewer, which can display up to six channels or inputs on a single screen, also provides peace of mind that content is being recorded or streamed.

Ease of Use

With Pearl, it’s easy to create professional, quality videos for lectures, employee training, or for a myriad of other uses across your organization. Institutions can automatically start recording or streaming in YuJa, and once the recording is complete, files are automatically pushed to the right folder in the YuJa Video Library.

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