Mobile Playback.

Students can review lecture captures, ingested media, and curated content within unified media channels. Mobile apps also feature integrated real-time Q&A discussions on tablets and phones, post-class conversations flow naturally across all devices.

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Mobile lecture playback with native mobile apps

All of YuJa’s lecture capture tools, including hardware-based capture, software capture and web capture, offer mobile playback options. Mobile playback means that your students can access class media channels, including all captured lectures, from their smartphones and mobile devices.

Brandable mobile apps to enhance your institution’s profile

YuJa can power your mobile learning solution, while you retain your institution’s logo and branding. We handle all the logistics of keeping your mobile applications up-to-date within the Apple AppStore and Google Play stores. Your students and faculty can now review lectures both within your LMS and their institution-specific mobile applications.


Give your students flexible learning options

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Mobile Tools Makes Learning More Social

YuJa’s social learning tools are also mobile compatible. Students and instructors can use YuJa on-the-go including course media channels, real-time Q&A discussions, shared files, and more.

Here are a few ways to the mobile applications facilitate a deeper and more engaging learning experience for your students:

Real-time Q&A Discussion

Allow students to converse, engage and discuss material with one another, supporting social learning.


Quizzes and Polling

Provide flexible student assessment options with mobile-enabled quizzes and polls.


Group Conversations

Students can collaborate with their peers and instructor using real-time chat, online office hours, and file sharing tools


Mobile recording to capture knowledge anywhere


Mock Patient Interviews

Medical and nursing students can practice patient interviews in preparation for real-world scenarios and certifications.


Field Experiments

Record hands-on experiments, laboratory work, field work to share with classmates and faculty.


Student Practicums

Students can record practicum training on remote sites and request feedback from instructors and fellow students.


Student Development

Career Services can record student interviews and assessment to coach for upcoming job interviews.

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