Real-Time Discussions

Each course has a visual activity feed designed for media-rich idea sharing and collaboration. Integrated with our lecture capture and live live streaming solutions, the discussion platform ensures your entire learning community stays connected.

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Collaborate across a beautiful learning stream
of course discussion topics

YuJa’s social learning platform unifies video and rich-media collaboration


Real-time discussions on-the-go with any mobile device.

Access real-time Q&A discussions and course engagement through LMS integration through any browser or mobile device. With our iOS and Android apps, staying connected is easy.


Discussions that are student-driven, instructor-controlled.

Instructors can endorse and tag posts to provide feedback to the course community. At the same time, students can share ideas, content, and feedback with their peers.


Save instructor time and create an immersive experience.

With social learning, students love helping each other master course content and instructors save time by reducing time spent answering student emails. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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Setup dynamic course communities with ease.

Real-time discussions across all media and instructional content.

With a Facebook-like platform for dynamic discussions, students and instructors are always up-to-date with recent class activities.

Create engaging content by incorporating video into class discussions.

Drag-and-drop a video into a discussion thread to stimulate a class conversation or link to a YouTube video to highlight a course concept.

Promote peer learning and project collaboration.

Student collaboration spaces features private meeting groups with integrated video meetings, group chats and screen sharing.