Search Inside Video.

YuJa delivers capture and flipped classroom replay the way it was meant to be with convenient and powerful search capabilities. Find specific concepts within the audio, slides, indexes and personal bookmark for further review.

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How YuJa’s video search works

Your recording completes and automatically uploads to the YuJa Cloud for transcoding, post-processing and multi-device publishing.

YuJa’s auto-captioning processes your audio into a metadata search layer for both improved Section 508 compliance and search capabilities.

Using the text-based captions and associated metadata, the media is indexed for searching. Any word said in the lecture is searchable.

Your media content can be published to Media Channels which are easily accessible by students and instructors on LMS, mobile and tablet platforms.

Search Inside Video Content

YuJa Media Player features IntuitiveSearch for powerful search-inside-video including the auto-captions and slides.

Create a rich replay and live stream experience.

Load up to 6 resizable streams with independent thumbnails

Full video search in slides, audio & notes

Automatic indexing and voice-to-text captioning.

Tools for personal note-taking and bookmarking.

Live live streaming with integrated chat capabilities.

We offer an HTML5 player for single-stream playback and a Flash-based player for multi-stream playback. This closely mirrors the current capabilities of each technology across all browsers.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Search Inside Video tools, call us at 1-888-257-2278 or email an account manager

Text search for specific keywords within video content.

Optimized Study Time

It’s simple for students to find topics, rewind, fast-forward and review video files to recap course material prior to examinations.

Increased Understanding

Students can review material they found confusing, pause, refer to a textbook, and re-examine other occurrences of the material within the lecture.

Improved Comprehension

English-as-a-second-language students may need additional time to review or recap specific vocabulary used within the classroom lecture.

Fewer Student Questions

Our “search inside video” technology allows students to find the answers to their own questions and to help one another uncover the answer.


How students can use the search-inside-video feature


Search Files

Students can search video files for specific content using any word that appears in the video, including proper names. For instance, in a lecture on recent advances in physics, “Higgs Boson” might be a search term.


Find Instances

One-click forwarding allows the student to move through any instance of a keyword, much as they would with the “find” feature on a word processing program.


Via Desktop or Mobile

Search features can be accessed through a computer or any mobile device, making this an integral part of our video-powered enterprise video platform.