Video Assignments

Make hands-on activities an integral part of your classroom learning experience with mobile video recording and student recording capabilities.

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Student Recording from a Browser or Mobile Phone

Bring the student voice into the course conversation.

Record Presentations

Record student presentations from any web browser or mobile device.

Receive Feedback

Capture a presentation to receive feedback from instructors and peers.


Record on all major platforms including Apple, Windows, iOS and Android.


Go Mobile

Mobile apps designed for Android and iOS allow students to easily access mobile recording features.

Nine out of 10 college students have smartphones—they don’t just want mobile accessibility, it’s a must!

Mobile recording ability lets students record videos on-site and share with instructors and classmates.

Smartphone recording is familiar, requires no additional technology, and is accessible anywhere.

Students can easily watch class videos on their mobile devices, or can download transcripts for offline review.

Mobile phones are a movable recording tool, making it easy to record an entire scene and capture different viewpoints.

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Emphasize and highlight real world experiences


Share a real world demonstration of an engineering project.


Show mastery of hands-on medical or scientific skills.


Present business plans to an audience of peers.


Record mock trials for legal students or pre-law students.


Share visits to museums or other sites.

The Benefits of Student Recording

Submit assignments securely and with ease.

Share recordings with classmates.

Collaborate over video recording.

Create recordings using a tablet or smartphone.

Become active and involved learners.

Improve public speaking abilities.