Video Classrooms.

Use YuJa’s web-based video classroom platform to scale online training and education programs within your institution. Students are immersed into a vibrant HD video classroom platform for synchronous online learning. Post-class, the learning continues with our social and mobile learning tools.

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Build interactive online learning communities.

Take the distance out of distance-ed with HD video conferencing for virtual classrooms, webinars, office hour and tutorials. YuJa’s web-based platform enables institutions to deploy large-scale learning programs without barriers: no apps to install or plugins to configure. Just click a link and participants are instantly connected to their learning community.


Video classrooms designed by educators for educators.

YuJa’s video classroom platform is built by educators with significant experience in online instruction. With our scalable video delivery platform, institutions can launch full-featured virtual classrooms for course delivery. The YuJa online classroom solution also integrates with your LMS to deliver online instruction within your existing workflow.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Video Classrooms, call us at 1-888-257-2278

Host lectures, office hours, seminars and online training

Always-On Collaboration Rooms for Every Account

Our web-based platform automatically provides everyone with their own personal video classroom URL (example: Just like an email or phone number, users can send their link to instantly jump into a tutorial session or office hour.


Group Collaboration and Social Learning Tools

Alongside our video classroom tools is a rich social learning platform that enables content sharing, group and 1:1 instant messaging (IM), and real-time Q&A discussions. Now learning communities can stay connected after class, regardless of where they are.


YuJa Video Classrooms Power Diverse Education Models

Hybrid & Blended Classes

Use our integrated lecture capture, live live streaming and video classrooms platform to create a single learning solution for your instructors and students.


Use our combined video classroom and social learning platform to create vibrant and interenterprise video communities.

Virtual Office Hours

Schedule drop-in and small group office hours with customized workflows for tutorials and office hours.

Student Study Groups

Provide your students with enterprise-grade video and group collaboration tools for group projects and after-hours meetings.

Faculty and Staff Development

Train your staff with web-based department meetings and staff training sessions.

Student and Staff Interview

Conduct interviews for prospective members of your institution using cost-effective video classrooms to reduce travel expenses.


Engage with 2-200 participants within a single video classroom meeting.

Brilliant HD video

Brilliant HD video and audio collaboration.

Learn together in glorious high-definition video. You can select from small group mode – with everyone on video – to large lecture mode supporting 250+ active participants.


Engage students with interenterprise video panes.

Quickly upload documents to the screen and collaborate over them with your team. Share your desktop with ease and save everything for easy printing and review. Or, paste a YouTube video link to watch an insightful video together.


Simplify your institution’s video collaboration with easy-to-use web-based video conferencing.

Join a video meeting

Join a video meeting from virtually anywhere.

Use your built-in webcam and mic to attend meetings, office hours, tutorials and lectures. Video meetings work perfectly with all web browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Host small groups

Host small groups, large lectures and webinars.

Our cloud-based architecture enables us to instantly scale to support meetings ranging from 1 to 250 participants. For larger meetings, we can provide special provisioning to enable larger collaboration spaces.

Perfect for class discussions and small group meetings

Multi-way HD video, whiteboard, screenshare, document, and video sharing.


Use your webcam and mic to attend meetings, office hours, and lectures.


Store, manage and organize
your campus video recording repository.


Now teams can collaborate seamlessly with all file types and sharing scenarios.


Video classrooms designed for education and training.

HD Video Meetings

Perfect for lectures, office hours and webinars.


LMS Integration

Supercharge your LMS with video classrooms.


Video Quizzes & Polls

Video quizzes and polls enable 360° student feedback.


Course Media Channel

Drag-and-drop videos to create a learning channel.


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