Desktop Sharing

With Desktop Sharing, presenters and collaborators can share their desktop screen within an online video conferencing.

Desktop Sharing

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Share Virtually Anything With Students & Faculty

Share Virtually Anything With Students & Faculty

Students can see what’s being presented on your desktop, and can watch your actions on their own screens whether it’s designing a 3D model, sharing slides, or editing a Word document.

Live Desktop Sharing Helps Illustrate Concepts More Effectively

Live Desktop Sharing Helps Illustrate Concepts More Effectively

Real-time Desktop Sharing facilitates active and engaged learning. Students can watch on-screen actions, ask questions, and brainstorm in an effective way.

Ask Questions in Real-Time

When you share your screen with students, you offer them the opportunity to ask questions and address concerns in real-time.

Demonstrate Complex Procedures

On the screen, you can show students how to complete a complex action, and can repeat the process more than once if needed.

Showcase Software Tools

With Desktop Sharing, you don’t have to just tell students how to use software or demonstrate coding. They can see you do it, and even mimic your actions.

Desktop Sharing to Enable Hands-On Learning

Desktop Sharing to Enable Hands-On Learning

In the Video Conferencing, Desktop Sharing provides a key tool to facilitate hands-on learning for your students. With Desktop Sharing, instead of simply telling your students how to do something on a computer, you can show them how to by doing it on your own screen. Students can even work along with you on their own computers.

Ways to Use Desktop Sharing:

  • Illustrate how to use software in a step-by-step way.
  • Show the results of computer coding through Desktop Sharing.
  • Use Desktop Sharing to show your own work processes.
  • Edit documents on-screen to help students learn improve their writing.
  • Create documents with students in the Video Conferencing.
  • Respond to student questions by showing responses on-screen.

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Teaching With Desktop Sharing

Desktop Sharing is a practical tool for instructors in a wide range of fields. Students can see your on-screen actions in real-time, creating an effective and engaging video class.

Engineering or Computer Science

In engineering or computer science, show students how to use software, demonstrate testing procedures, and show 3D computer models.


In the arts, use Desktop Sharing to demonstrate digital art techniques or to show works of art, from musical theater to paintings.

Math and Physics

In math and physics, share your desktop to show students equations in progress, or the resulting 2D and 3D graphical interpretation of set of equations.


In the sciences, use Desktop Sharing to work through various computer models with your students, like those for anatomy or physiology.

Create Recorded Desktop Shares for Flipped Classroom Presentations

Create Recorded Desktop Shares for Flipped Classroom Presentations

YuJa Web Capture offers full access to the Video Conferencing tools, including Desktop Sharing. This provides many of the advantages of screen capture within a simple web-based capture tool.

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