Real-time Whiteboards.

YuJa’s Video Conferencing suite facilitate multi-party collaboration across whiteboards with synchronous annotation capabilities.

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Real-Time Whiteboards Offer Ideal Ways to Use Interactive Annotation for Teaching and Learning Use Cases

Mind map
Mind map
Share visual information
Share visual information
Sketch ideas
Sketch ideas
Work on equations
Work on equations
Synchronous Whiteboards

HD Video Conferencing Feature Real-Time Whiteboards for High-Impact Live Instruction

Real-Time Whiteboards Enables More Effective Online Teaching

Facilitates synchronous group collaboration.

Facilitates synchronous group collaboration

Adds visual interest to video learning.

Adds visual interest to video learning

Provides an essential way to share and annotate.

Provides an essential way to share and annotate

Encourages small group participation.

Encourages small group participation

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Integrated Real-Time Whiteboard Annotation Tools

Pencil tool allows you to write or draw

Pencil tool allows you to write or draw.

Textboxes let you type text into the Whiteboard

Textboxes let you type text into the Whiteboard.

Shapes, Colors and Highlighting

Shapes, Colors and Highlighting enable you to emphasize information.

File Upload

File Upload allows you to include additional content in your Whiteboard presentation.

Select and Multi-select

Select and Multi-select tools provide opportunities for emphasis or design.


Eraser tool allows you to remove content from the Whiteboard.


Save tool provides you with the ability to save the results of a brainstorming session or Video Conferencing activity for future use.


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