Video Quizzes.

Video quizzes offer instructors the ability to obtain individualized course feedback with video. With video quizzes, online assessments become more engaging and effective classroom tools.

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Video quizzes make assessments interactive.


Take any video and turn it into an interactive student assessment.


Improve Student Engagement and Satisfaction.

Liven up static course material with video content that both educates and engages students.


Deepen the Student Learning Experience.

Take online videos and transform them into interenterprise video tours that improve student understanding of complex concepts.


Receive Real-Time Analytics and Feedback.

Instructors receive actionable data from learners that provide the opportunity to create differentiated instruction.

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Video quizzes are easy to create and fun for students.

Upload a video or use an existing YouTube video.

Creating an assessment is easy with our web-based quiz creation tool. To start, paste a YouTube video link or drag-and-drop an MP4 video file.

Add questions that pop-up while the video plays.

Insert pop-up questions into the video timeline as it plays. Students love the interactive format and instructors can liven up distance-ed and online courses in minutes.

Create reusable instructional content for future courses.

Once you’ve created a video assessment, the quiz can be re-used for future course offerings. Perfect for creating institution-wide assessments.