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YuJa helps enterprises maximize their digital assets by providing comprehensive Video Content Management Platform (VCMS) to securely store, organize, and access media across platforms.

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YuJa offers a scalable video management platform designed for education.

Managing video content in a smart manner is essential to maximizing its effectiveness and accessibility. Video files are large and can be hard to manage and basic file management systems – including LMS platforms – are inadequate for video content. In order to handle your video content, you need a system designed for video content management.


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YuJa offers a cross-platform digital asset management solution designed for education.

An integrated platform for managing your institution’s digital assets.

Store, Share and Stream Media Securely in the Cloud

YuJa’s video management provides you with secure, cloud-based storage for all of your video content.


Media Organization Aligned with Your Institution’s Taxonomy

Files are organized with metatags, table of contents, and fully searchable auto-captioning.


Access Media Seamlessly Across All Platforms and Devices

Media is accessible from any desktop or laptop computer, as well as both iOS and Android devices.


Keep ownership of your institution’s copyrighted content

Upload and Store

Quickly and easily upload video content to the YuJa Cloud. Files can be uploaded one-by-one or in batches. In addition, the file management system allows uploads of all types of non-media including images and documents.


High-Performance Search

The YuJa Cloud offers complete search capabilities across auto-captions, indexes, and metadata across your entire media library. Find exactly what you need in your video collection with advanced search tools.


Convert, Transcode and Format

The YuJa Cloud automates the process of converting, transcoding and formatting your video files into easy-to-view formats accessible on a variety of devices. There’s no need for third-party codecs or additional software to adjust file sizes or file quality.


Secure and Protect

YuJa’s cloud-based storage secures your videos, preventing unwanted access. Only approved individuals can see and access your video content. This limits the risk of copyright infringement or video theft.