Video Sharing.

Watch a shared video together with your entire online classroom.

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Illuminate a course concept
with curated online video content.


Share interactive video content seamlessly.


Show demonstrations of hands-on skills, from set building in a theater stagecraft class to starting an IV for nursing students.


Meet the needs of different types of learners with presentations that integrate audio, video and text.


Provide different or even conflicting perspectives by sharing video content from other lecturers or universities.


Offer students the chance to view interviews with professionals in their field and the opportunity to discuss those interviews.

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Ways to use video sharing within an online classroom.

YuJa’s video sharing enables you to easily share a YouTube video with your online class.

Teachers can load the latest TED talk, documentary or news clip to encourage class discussion and interaction.

A history professor might share a documentary or a video of a visit to a key historical site.

In more hands-on specialties, instructors can share instructional videos to show students how to perform a medical procedure.

Synchronous video sharing to support discussion and interaction.

Support the learning process.


Provide students with new insights.


Encourage thought and interaction.


Help students to retain material.