Visual Analytics.

Our analytics platform provides instructors with insights to optimize and adapt instruction. Now instructors can pinpoint areas students struggle with and track student participation using near real-time reporting tools.

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If instructors and administrators had a crystal ball, visual analytics would be it.

Powerful Video Analytics Enable Instructors to Track Student Success Metrics

Track the success and efficacy of your video content.

Recognize key points or concerns for students.

Assess student retention and outcomes.

Measure use of videos and social learning.

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Empowering instructors with better data and analytical tools

Visual analytics allow instructors to assess, analyze and optimize instruction based on actual empirical data. Instructors can see who watched videos, what sections they re-watched and how students are interacting with one another.


Our analytics let instructors know how students are performing from day-to-day and over time. This enables instructors to tailor lesson plans to student needs and adapt instruction dynamically.


For corporate training programs, analytic reporting offer the opportunity to assess the functional use of continuing education and training, measure the benefits of video content, and track employee use of educational material.

Instructor Analytics

Analytics and success enable everyone to work smarter.


Institution Leadership

Track key student metrics, overall institution success metrics, maximize effectiveness and increase the benefit from your investment.


IT and A/V Staff

Track overall usage, system health, performance, device alerts and downloadable logs.


Instructors and TAs

Track student use, measure student achievement, and customize videos content to meet student needs and interests.

Optimize and adapt classroom instruction with specialized dashboards

Everyday Check-In

The overview dashboard provides key statistics and analytics in an easy-to-see and use panel.


Tracking Usage

The content dashboard tracks total stored captures, logins, and bandwidth.


Instructor’s Dashboard

The course-level dashboard provides instructor insights within specific courses.


Capture-Specific Dashboards

Capture dashboards allow instructors to discover the areas that students haven’t understood well.