Web Capture.

The YuJa Web Capture solution is a browser-based video capture solution that enables instructors to record and distribute rich-media instructional content using just a web browser.

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Web capture allows instructors to flip the classroom with ease

Seamless Publishing to Course Groups in Seconds

Web Capture enables users to create video libraries using a cloud-powered video capture, broadcast, streaming, and video management platform. With YuJa, you can implement new video-led learning and training models.


Web Capture is Part of an Collaborative Ecosystem

While traditional lectures are typically driven by a single person, web capture makes learning more collaborative. With the integrated social learning platform, students can collaborate and ask questions on video captures.

Flip the Classroom with Ease

Record and share a learning moment from anywhere.

YuJa Web Capture is a web-based app – that integrates into any LMS – that enables instructors to record multimedia-rich content from virtually anywhere using any web browser. Using a built-in webcam and mic, presenters can create video presentations alongside whiteboards, slides, and screenshares, and then publish them to their course.

Use Any Browser Including:

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The YuJa Web Capture solution complements our physical classroom solutions – YuJa Software Station and YuJa Appliance solutions – by providing instructors with a quick way to capture and publish ideas to students.

How YuJa enables the flipped classroom model


Ways to Use Web Capture

Flip your classroom and make hands-on activity and discussion the focus of class.

Create review videos before major course assessments.

Take students on-site to show real-world environments.

Record weekly instructor videos to keep students engaged all semester.

Integrate file sharing and the whiteboard to demonstrate examples for students.

Invite others to join you using multi-person web captures.

Answer student or team member questions on a video podcast.

Have students share class presentations.

Create corporate training videos for staff and faculty.

Create research or progress journals for students or team members.


How the flipped classroom model works

In a traditional classroom, you lecture and they listen. There is limited time for discussion or hands-on activity.

In the flipped classroom, you record your lecture or class beforehand and students watch it prior to the class period. Time in the class period is available for enterprise video.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Web Capture tools, call us at 1-888-257-2278 or email an account manager

Web capture offers simple recording and publishing


Create Recordings From Anywhere

There’s no need for a classroom. Simply start the recorder within any browser.


Incorporate Slides and Documents

Web capture allows you to incorporate slides, spreadsheets, and documents.


Synchronous Real-Time Whiteboard

Use the full-featured whiteboard to sketch and annotate.


Support Student Learning

Students can create their own video recordings, share learning experiences and even complete video assignments.


Maintain Recording Quality

Adaptive bit-rate streaming maintains the best possible streaming quality regardless of internet connection speed.

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Review with Ease

Auto-captioning makes review simple and maximizes the effectiveness of video learning.

Web capture is part of a suite of video-based
learning tools for your “Connected Classroom”


Classroom Capture

Lecture capture within physical classrooms allows students to review afterwards or attend the live stream.


Social Learning

Foster student discussion and engagement with real-time social learning tools.


Mobile Learning

Download our mobile apps – both iOS and Android – to keep the learning going from virtually anywhere.


External Media Ingest

Bring in video content from external sources and online resources into your classroom discussion.