April 2017 Scholarship Winner – Karlee Greer

Nathan Arora
Nathan Arora

Tell us about yourself

Name: Karlee Greer
Current School: Skyridge High School

I’m a ballroom dancer, an AP student, and ASL lover! I’m going to be a freshman at Utah State University in the fall, pursuing a degree in communicative disorders and deaf education. LDS and proud to be so, I am currently preparing to serve a full time, 18 month mission. I am also a certified dental assistant.

What has been your best experience in school?

I have made so many friends during school. Every choice you make impacts who your friends are, and who your friends are impact who you are. I am extremely grateful for my friends and the person they’ve shaped me into.

What influenced your choice in major?

Originally, I wanted to major in Neuroscience, but through choices I made and classes I took, I ended up in ASL 2. It was there that I discovered I have a love both for the language and for deaf culture. I looked in to it more, and decided to pursue a degree in speech pathology.

How do you envision yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I’ll be a near college graduate. I’m excited to be fluent in ASL and a more experienced dental assistant.

What do you hope to learn from your school experience?

I want to learn how to interact with others better. I’ve always been kind of socially awkward, so I’m excited for the experience to grow and mature.

What extracurricular activities do you enjoy?

I love dancing and ASL. I actually have an ASL YouTube channel where I post covers of songs I’ve translated into ASL. I’m also on my school’s ballroom dance team. This is my second year doing ballroom, after a long history of ballet, and I absolutely love it!

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