Transform Your Classroom With a Student Response System

Get insights into students’ comprehension with an LMS-integrated Student Response System. Created for higher education, YuJa Engage is a Student Response System (SRS) that transforms any course into a more active learning experience for students and allows instructors to gain actionable metrics.

Video Engagement

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 Add Interactivity to Courses


Connect Across Live and Hybrid Courses

Engage and connect with students across live and hybrid courses using any device. With YuJa Engage, add interactive quizzes and polls that help break up your lecture, spur discussion, and quickly show instructors and students any knowledge gaps so they can focus on the right areas.

 Instructors and Students Get Instant Feedback


Choose From a Variety of Question Types

YuJa Engage allows instructors to integrate quizzes with multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, or short answer responses into their lectures in the Video Platform or directly in an LMS. Inserting interactivity into courses leads to higher class participation and collaboration between participants.

 Instructors and Students Get Instant Feedback


Students and Instructors Get Immediate Feedback

Receive real-time feedback on student learning and assess classroom performance. Students also receive immediate insight into their knowledge of classroom concepts with easy-to-interpret feedback.

Make Adjustments on the Fly

Real-Time Polling

Make Adjustments on the Fly

Students can quickly join a poll using either a poll code or a QR code. Instructors can add or adjust questions based on received responses, without missing a beat.

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