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Lecture Capture Systems & Solutions

Our Lecture Capture portfolio includes desktop-based lecture capture software, hardware capture appliance, in-browser capture tools, and mobile capture applications.

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Scalable Lecture Capture

Simplify and Scale Lecture Capture and Video Management Within Your Institution

YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for scaling lecture capture within your organization. Whether you choose to completely auto-schedule captures or provide on-demand recording, we offer the right workflows to create your optimal capture environment.


Scalable, Affordable Lecture Capture Solutions with Flexible Deployment Models

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers a comprehensive lecture capture portfolio that can be used for small faculty-specific deployments or multi-campus university system-wide deployments. Our easy-to-use lecture capture system enables room-based capture, “flipped class” micro lessons, and multi-stream presentation capture.


A Comprehensive Lecture Capture System with Personal Recording Tools

We offer the lecture capture industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of lecture capture and flipped class tools with desktop software-based lecture capture, hardware appliance lecture capture, browser-based capture, and mobile lecture capture tools.

Software-Based Lecture Capture

Desktop Software Lecture Capture and Personal Capture Tools for PC and Apple

Your podium computer or personal laptop can be a cost-effective way to lecture capture and live stream. Capture multiple video, audio and screen sources with powerful desktop software applications for both PC and Apple.

Personal Capture
Classroom Recording
Online Training
Live Streaming
An Enterprise Video Solution to Enhance Training and Learning
An Enterprise Video Solution to Enhance Training and Learning

An Enterprise Video Solution to Enhance Training and Learning

In efforts to improve student learning outcome across the Colorado Community College System (CCCS), Jennifer Ferguson and her team sought to procure an enterprise video product that provides solutions for a variety of use cases – such as a Video Content Management System (CMS) to oversee video training channels for faculty and staff.

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Media Appliance for Lecture Capture and Live Streaming
Room Capture
Full Automation
Watch Anywhere
Cloud Powered

Hardware-Based Lecture Capture

Powerful, 1U Rack-Mounted, Hardware-Based Appliance Capture

We offer hardware-based capture appliances for classrooms, auditoriums, mobile carts, and boardrooms. With affordable hardware capture appliances, institutions can deploy scalable hardware capture solutions campus or organization-wide.

The YuJa Hardware Hub integrates with existing peripherals for high-fidelity video delivery.

Integrated Browser-Based Capture Studio

In-Browser Capture

Comprehensive HTML5 Browser-Based Capture Studio

The In-Browser Capture Studio is a browser-based lecture capture solution that enables instructors to record rich-media content using any Apple or PC web-browser.

Simple Recording
Video and Screen
Student Assignments
Personal Capture
Mobile Capture for Tablets and Smartphones

Mobile Capture

Mobile Capture and Video Uploading Apps for Tablets and Smartphones

YuJa’s native Apple iOS and Android applications enable lecture capture scenarios outside of the traditional classroom including student-centric capture for field work, practicums and ad-hoc recording use-cases.

iOS and Android Apps
Student Assignments
Ad-Hoc Recording
Tablet Video Capture

Multi-Source Playback

Watch Content Using an HTML5 Multi-stream Player Designed Any Device

The Video Platform offers multi-stream playback for both recorded and live streamed content.

Multi-stream Playback with Search-Inside-Video and Auto-Captioning

Our Lecture Capture Solution is Part of a Suite of Video Tools

Lecture Capture

YuJa offers software-based, hardware appliance, browser-based and mobile capture solutions.

Live Streaming

Securely live stream courses to overflow rooms, remote sites, and student laptops with the click of a button.

Video Quizzing

Create engaging video quizzes to get real-time feedback and outcome analytics.

Media Management

Scalable video management and digital asset management aligned with your organization’s taxonomy.

Visual Analytics

Dashboards let instructors see how students are progressing and tailor class content to improve progress.

Mobile & Social Tools

Extend classroom boundaries and create engaging social learning experiences.

LMS Integration

Integrates Directly into all LMS Platforms and Third-Party Systems

YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform integrates into your existing LMS and SSO systems to ensure a seamless video-inside-LMS experience. We also provide an extensive set of APIs and standardized integration templates to connect to your existing hardware and software infrastructure.

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