Onboarding and Training

Customized and Flexible Onboarding and Training Programs

Meet your dedicated Customer Success Manager
Your implementation will be staffed with one or more dedicated Customer Success Managers who oversee and manage the entire onboarding and training process.

Configure look and feel Attend your kick-off meeting
We’ll co-ordinate a meeting with your key stakeholders to introduce the product, review your organization’s goals and establish a customized plan-of-action. This includes any data migration and integration with your existing systems.

Configure the product look and feel
Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to configure your Platform instance to match your Organization’s branding and configuration preferences.

   Customer Success Program Commence integration process with existing systems
Throughout the process, our experienced Customer Success Manager will coordinate with Professional Services team to advise and integrate with your existing systems such as your Learning Management System (LMS) and Single Sign On (SSO).

Onboarding & Training Commence data migration proces
Whether you have an existing solution or your Organization is starting fresh, we will work with you to develop a customized data migration and transition plan of your existing assets.

Sign off on implementation plan
With the integration, data migration and implementation behind us, we now focus on continued product training and launch support.

Launch Your Platform
Your Customer Success Manager will make suggestions to ensure that your staff are fully train to roll-out your new platform. Getting early visibility and user adoption is key to long-term success.

Onboarding and Training

Customer Success Program

Customized Customer Success and Training Program Included

With YuJa, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager that understands your challenges and unique goals. Whether you’re working on increasing adoption, connecting internal systems or migrating existing new assets, we’re constantly working to ensure you’re making the most of your project initiatives.

Improve User Adoption

We work with you to grow adoption and ensure the success of your initiative.

Refresher Training

Our team will continues to be involved with quarterly checkpoint calls and refresher training.

Perform Regular Health Checks

Our team will review usage and provide suggestions for improved customer experience.

Customer Success Program
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