Understanding Models of Blended Learning

Blended learning can be defined as a formal, organized learning program in which a student learns through a combination of online learning with the time and place of the student’s discretion and learning in a brick-and-mortar classroom. Blended learning may also be called hybrid learning; flipped classroom structures are one type of blended learning. For […]

How to Integrate Lecture Capture and a Video CMS with Your Canvas LMS

For colleges and universities, the learning management system or LMS serves as a key tool to manage the students’ educational experience. As video has increased in importance, for online, hybrid, and traditional courses, many organizations have struggled with the need to implement effective video content management systems and tools for lecture capture. These tools, the […]

How to Choose a Lecture Capture Solution

Choosing the best lecture capture solution for your organization can be quite challenging. The right lecture capture solution for your organization meets the needs of your IT staff, administration, content owners and users. Each of these groups may have different priorities with regards to lecture capture, but the right solution for your organization will meet […]

Winter Scholarship Essays

Essay Topic: Explain how technology has helped you throughout your academic career. Do you think technology has made learning easier? What Technology Allowed Me to Achieve by Anita Hu There were many nights where I found myself slaving over contents of homework that I had no idea how to complete, and the notes that I […]

The Benefits of a Video CMS

A video content management system or CMS offers organizations of all sizes a range of benefits, including organization, access, and storage. These benefits make video and other media content available 24/7 to employees located anywhere, from their homes, offices, or even a hotel room. In today’s global educational and business world, making media available easily […]

What Is a Video CMS?

In the media-centric world of both education and industry today, a video CMS or content management system is more important than ever before. A video content management system is a software tool to manage, store, and share multiple, large video files. Why Do You Need a Video CMS? Institutions and enterprises have sought a number […]

The Benefits of Automating Lecture Capture

The benefits of lecture capture are undeniable; students have embraced this technology, as have many institutions. For instructors, lecture capture technology has traditionally required some amount of additional work; they have to turn on equipment and start and stop the recording for a class lecture or delegate this task to a teaching assistant or student. […]

Using Video to Facilitate Communication and Collaboration for Remote Workers

In today’s economy, more and more workers are doing their work from home, from a coffee shop, or from a co-working space. Many companies have multiple offices; there may not be any opportunity for meetings in the conference room or for conversations around the water cooler. Video technology can facilitate and support communication, interaction, and […]

Supporting Employees in Using Video to Teach Each Other

For any company, ongoing learning and continuing education is essential. In order for your enterprise to succeed, your staff must keep growing both personally and professionally. Some continuing education is quite formal; conferences, courses, and events held to provide relevant information and learning. Most of the time, on-the-job learning is just that–it’s both informal, and […]

Training and Supporting Students to Use Lecture Capture Technology

Lecture capture technology does not have to be limited solely to faculty use. While recorded lectures offer a number of advantages for students and faculty, students can use the same technology to produce varied media-based assignments. Video assignments can help students improve their presentation skills, essential in today’s workplace, and can support engagement and interaction […]

Fall 2017 Scholarship Winner – Samantha Jones

Tell us about yourself. I’m a college student studying English language and literature, which means I drink way too much coffee, I’m in a committed relationship with Microsoft Word and if you get me talking about literature, I can go on for hours. I’m also a sister, biologically I have a younger sister, on my […]

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