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Benefits of Managing Video Content with YuJa’s Video CMS

As video takes the place of other forms of media in education, including textbooks, it’s important to ensure your media files are organized, searchable and accessible. Maximize Effectiveness with YuJa’s Video Content Management System  Managing video content is essential to maximizing its effectiveness and accessibility. Video files are large, which makes them inherently difficult both...

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Effective Technology for Managing Your Institutional Retention Policy

If you’re an informational technologist or an instructional designer for a college or university, you understand the importance of responsibly managing digital content, whether it’s recorded lectures, video conference sessions, office meetings, or campus events. While institutional retention policies vary by country, state, and even among colleges and their campuses, ensuring you have a legally...

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Case Study: How UC Riverside Supports Emergency Remote Instruction with YuJa’s Video Platform

The University of California Riverside (UCR) is one of the 10 campuses of the University of California system. UCR’s strong core programs and new and emerging disciplines are housed within three colleges, four professional schools, and more than 20 interdisciplinary research centers. With more than 25,000 students and 3,800 faculty, UCR is pioneering research with...

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How Compliant Video Captioning Benefits Students and Institutions

If you produce video content for a diverse audience, ensuring compliance in captioning isn’t something to overlook. In addition to avoiding litigation, compliant captioning improves the accessibility of content and increases engagement.  In fact:  According to a recent study, videos with captions have 40% more views compared to uncaptioned videos (PLYmedia).  Viewers were 80% more...

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Using Lecture Capture for Self-Assessment

If your life’s work is educating others, you know how important it is to deliver clear, engaging and thought-provoking messages. Even if your course material doesn’t easily lend itself to high levels of engagement, it’s important to take the time to reflect on your teaching from time to time. The same tools you use to...

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How a Video CMS Helps Meet Growing Online Learning Needs

As the demand for online learning grows and colleges, universities and other institutions turn to creating massive amounts of video content to help educate learners, a Video Content Management System (CMS) has become an integral part of operations. A Video CMS is a software tool to manage, store, and share multiple, large video files. Why...

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Simplify Lecture Capture Workflows with Automation

The benefits of lecture capture are undeniable. Students and institutions alike have embraced this technology for its scalability and the flexibility it offers students to learn from anywhere, particularly amid the pandemic. For instructors, lecture capture technology has traditionally required some amount of additional work, as they have to turn on equipment, as well as...

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10 Essential Features to Consider When Choosing a Lecture Capture Solution

Lecture capture, or recording content for students to watch on their schedule, has become an essential part of higher education. The right lecture capture platform will meet the needs of your IT staff, administration, content owners and learners. While each of these groups may have different priorities, the right solution will meet the needs of...

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Planning and Preparing a Higher Education Flipped Course

The concept of flipping classrooms has been around for a while, but never has it been more popular than today, as institutions work to enhance their online learning experience for students, particularly with video. In a flipped classroom model, viewing course lectures is assigned as homework, and projects, discussion, and hands-on activities are relegated to...

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Creating an Accessible Higher-Ed Video Library that Exceeds Section 508 Requirements

To meet the needs of a diverse audience and to comply with federal regulations like Section 508, video content needs to be accessible to users with a variety of different needs and abilities. With regard to video content, accessibility issues are predominantly focused on support for those with visual and auditory impairments. Captioning and description...

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YuJa Video Platform Facilitates Communication and Collaboration for Remote Workers

Remote work continues to grow exponentially. Unless your company employs essential workers who aren’t able to work remotely, it’s likely that your employees have experienced a remote working environment at some point during the coronavirus pandemic. When the option for in person meetings isn’t possible, a robust, reliable video technology is critical. Not only can...

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