Six Ways a Video Platform Increases Student Engagement

Today’s students are already adept at using and communicating with one another through video.  This is evidenced by uber-popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook Live. Video is now and professors and educators can use it effectively to boost student engagement all the way from kindergarten to college. Whether you’re a traditional higher ed […]

Spring 2018 Scholarship Submissions

Technology’s Making It’s Mark by Kailynn Wright Technology has landed and made its mark on the world. It has become apart of everything we do from our simple everyday tasks to to flipping on and off light switches. Now that we have had to adapt to its impact we have to decide if it’s here for […]

Affordable, Market-Leading Alternative to Techsmith Relay

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers a full-featured solution for media capture, organization and management, and both public and user accessibility to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Comprehensive Capture Tools Media capture tools, including Software Capture and Hardware Capture, provide comprehensive media capture experiences, using on-demand or scheduled recording technology. Mobile capture […]

Instructional Video Technology Best Practices

Best practices in video technology can vary from industry to industry; there are special concerns for instructional videos. Creating skillful and effective instructional video content is critical for educators of all types, ranging from college professors producing media for their students to elementary school teachers to human resources personnel creating informational media for workers. For […]

Video Recording Best Practices

Video technology has dramatically changed how people learn, share information, and interact with one another. Today, media creation is not limited to traditional video producers. Anyone can create media content to share publicly or within an organization. This facilitates knowledge and information sharing at all levels. Understanding best practices in video technology lets content owners […]

Online Presentations for Everyone

Online presentations provide the ability to share visual information, engage viewers, and reach people using multiple learning modalities. Video forms a key part of social media, marketing campaigns, and internal organizational education today.  Today’s media capture solutions mean that organizations can make online presentations accessible to users, content owners and creators, administrators and the general […]

How to Integrate Lecture Capture and a Video CMS with Your Canvas LMS

For colleges and universities, the learning management system or LMS serves as a key tool to manage the students’ educational experience. As video has increased in importance, for online, hybrid, and traditional courses, many organizations have struggled with the need to implement effective video content management systems and tools for lecture capture. These tools, the […]

How to Choose a Lecture Capture Solution

Choosing the best lecture capture solution for your organization can be quite challenging. The right lecture capture solution for your organization meets the needs of your IT staff, administration, content owners and users. Each of these groups may have different priorities with regards to lecture capture, but the right solution for your organization will meet […]

Winter Scholarship Essays

Essay Topic: Explain how technology has helped you throughout your academic career. Do you think technology has made learning easier? What Technology Allowed Me to Achieve by Anita Hu There were many nights where I found myself slaving over contents of homework that I had no idea how to complete, and the notes that I […]

The Benefits of a Video CMS

A video content management system or CMS offers organizations of all sizes a range of benefits, including organization, access, and storage. These benefits make video and other media content available 24/7 to employees located anywhere, from their homes, offices, or even a hotel room. In today’s global educational and business world, making media available easily […]