Evolving Corporate Learning for Increased Impact

Corporate learning is a 164.2 billion dollar industry, but many companies find that their investment in corporate learning is not as impactful as they might hope. Evolving corporate learning provides the ability to increase learning and retention, lower costs, and offer improved flexibility. Effective corporate learning programs engage learners, meet their needs, and keep both […]

Student Lecture Capture Priorities

Increasingly, students expect access to lecture captures in a variety of settings, including online, hybrid, and traditional learning environments. They recognize that these tools enhance their educational experience and provide valuable instructional tools, both for direct instruction and review. Both traditional and non-traditional students appreciate the flexibility and offered by modern lecture capture technology. Maximizing […]

Recording a Google Slides Presentation

As companies and institutions move their work flows online, using cloud-based systems, they may wish to integrate cloud-based presentation software into lecture capture or room recordings. Google Slides is an increasingly popular alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, and provides an effective way to share multimedia content, and create a visually interesting presentation, while facilitating collaborative work. […]

Creating Mini-Lessons with Video

One of the most effective ways to share information with an audience is with short, subject-specific, video content. Shorter videos are more likely to be watched start-to-finish, and provide users with the ability to fit in video learning or information in small, manageable bites, rather than requiring larger blocks of time.  Mini-lessons should be shorter […]

June 2017 Scholarship Winner – Chrisitan Parham

Location, Price, and Major: Three College Factors Important to Me by Christian Parham Searching for a college is never easy. There are so many factions to consider, and after contemplating I have decided that location, price, and their programs available for my major are the most important to me. Location is extremely important to me […]

Increasing Employee Engagement with Video

Engaged employees are effective employees. Companies that maintain employee engagement will increase satisfaction, productivity, and retention. In many workplaces, email and print may be overlooked in crowded inboxes, and receive relatively little attention. Video offers an ideal tool to increase employee engagement, and can be especially useful for corporate-wide initiatives, like rebranding or shifts in […]

June 2017 Scholarship Essays

The Perfect Fit by Dan Walsh College takes the life of a student in a whole new direction for four years. Being anywhere for that long of a time means they’ll want to make sure it’s just right for them. I myself value the size of the student body, the majors offered by the college, […]

Creating an Accessible Higher-Ed Video Library that Exceeds Section 508 Requirements

To meet the needs of a diverse audience, video content needs to be accessible to users with a variety of different needs and abilities. With regard to video content, accessibility issues are predominantly focused on visual and auditory supports. Captioning and description technologies can make video learning more available for students with visual or hearing […]

Planning and Preparing a Flipped Course

Flipped courses are increasingly popular in colleges and universities. These courses take the traditional classroom structure and turn it upside-down. Course lectures become homework, and projects, discussion, and hands-on activities are relegated to the classroom. Planning a Flipped Class For instructors, planning and preparation for a flipped class can be time-consuming, and may take more […]

Meet YuJa at UBTech 2017 and Learn about the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Meet the YuJa team at the upcoming UBTech 2017 conference in Orlando, FL at Booth #215. We will be exhibiting between June 12 – 13, 2017. YuJa Corporation will showcase the full YuJa Enterprise Video Platform including the latest in digital asset management, scalable video management, video transcoding, […]