How to Improve Corporate Learning with a Video Platform

Today, we live in a video-centric world. And for a good reason. We can view unseen places, connect with far-distant friends and family or learn from anywhere. When the power of video shifted away from those with big cameras and big budgets to practically anyone, learning became unleashed in a good way. In addition to […]

Winter 2019 Scholarship Submissions

From Medicine to Cars; Code By Willa Campeau The most influential piece of technology in today’s fast pasted society would be code. Coding is not only a technology but a mathematical language that happens to be the format of most of today’s app and online world. From Html to Javascript; it also happens to be […]

Blended Learning vs. Flipped Classroom

In the world of modern education, modern technology has enabled a number of new learning modalities, including both blended learning and flipped classroom structures. Each of these integrates both online learning and classroom learning, but flipped classroom structures are just one type of blended learning. Blended learning combines both online teaching and instruction and classroom-based […]

What Is a Sustainable Learning Organization?

A sustainable learning organization is one that sets strategic direction, links learning with performance, and works to create a culture of continuous learning at all levels within the organization. Sustainable learning is applicable to nearly all types of organizations, from schools and universities, to non-profits and small businesses, to large corporations. Creating sustainability in your […]

9 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Lecture Capture System

Choosing a lecture capture system can be overwhelming. Consequently, some educational technologists might struggle with what matters most in a lecture capture system. To help narrow down to a field of vendors to consider, we’ll outline 9 factors to think about when choosing a lecture capture system. These factors are not specific to a single […]

How to Create a Lecture Capture

Have you wondered how to record lectures in your classroom or at an event? Fortunately, it’s very easy to produce a high-quality capture recording with minimal equipment or set up! Here, you’ll find step-by-step instructions that explain how to record lectures using the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s lecture capture solutions.  What You’ll Need to Record […]

Benefits of Flipped Classrooms

In both k-12 and higher education classrooms around the country, teachers, faculty and administrators are talking about flipped classrooms. In a flipped classroom, the lecture portion of the class takes place outside of the classroom some or all of the time–it becomes homework. Class projects, discussions, and work are completed during class time, facilitating hands-on […]

Fall 2018 Scholarship Winner – Darian Williams

Tell us about yourself: I’m from Utah, USA and earned a degree in Anthropology from Southern Utah University. I’m currently a graduate student of Global Environmental Studies at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. I’m focusing my MA thesis on sustainability marketing, and currently have content marketing internships with American startup Alda Lifestyle and international organization […]

Facilitating Community for Remote Workers

According to CNBC, on a global level, 70 percent of workers work remotely at least once a week. This number includes contract workers, full-time workers, and even office workers who travel as part of their jobs. Remote work offers a number of advantages for both employers and employees, but also poses a number of challenges.  […]

Integrating Open Educational Resources into your Courses

Open Educational Resources or OER are becoming an ever-more important part of college and university curricula. These online alternatives to traditional textbooks provide a free or low-cost option for students, and are increasingly incorporated into undergraduate courses at private colleges, public universities and community colleges. While there’s no doubt students are on board with saving […]

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