Facilitating Community for Remote Workers

According to CNBC, on a global level, 70 percent of workers work remotely at least once a week. This number includes contract workers, full-time workers, and even office workers who travel as part of their jobs. Remote work offers a number of advantages for both employers and employees, but also poses a number of challenges.  […]

Fall 2018 Scholarship Winner – Darian Williams

Tell us about yourself: I’m from Utah, USA and earned a degree in Anthropology from Southern Utah University. I’m currently a graduate student of Global Environmental Studies at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. I’m focusing my MA thesis on sustainability marketing, and currently have content marketing internships with American startup Alda Lifestyle and international organization […]

Integrating Open Educational Resources into your Courses

Open Educational Resources or OER are becoming an ever-more important part of college and university curricula. These online alternatives to traditional textbooks provide a free or low-cost option for students, and are increasingly incorporated into undergraduate courses at private colleges, public universities and community colleges. While there’s no doubt students are on board with saving […]

Planning Online Mini-Lessons

The traditional online learning format often mimics a traditional classroom learning structure. The instructor creates a relatively long lecture capture, then supports the learning process with discussion questions and assignments. While there are a number of alternatives, one option that works particularly well for both instructors and students is to break longer lectures into video […]

Project-based Online Learning

Face-to-face classrooms in k-12 and higher education have embraced project-based learning. According to the Buck Institute for Education, project-based learning or PBL is “a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.” […]

Creating Screen-reader Friendly Resources

Screen readers are a tool used by individuals with vision impairments, as well as individuals with some types of learning disabilities. Screen readers work by reading aloud text content presented on a screen. Most screen readers are software-based, and offer a number of features. They are controlled via keyboard commands, using a standard or Braille […]

Making Video Content Accessible

Online learning, whether for students or employees, provides a number of advantages, including increased accessibility. Individuals with disabilities of different types can learn effectively with appropriate and accessible video learning, and many of the same strategies can facilitate learning for English language learners, or those with varied learning styles. What Makes Video Content Accessible Take […]

Using Best Practices in Video Learning

Video learning is increasingly important for educators, employee onboarding and continuing education. Depending upon the situation, video learning may complement more traditional learning in a classroom environment, or may serve as an independent, online learning resource. In order to maximize the effectiveness of video learning, it’s helpful to know and understand a few key points […]

The Importance of Social Learning in Employee Training

Social learning is the oldest form of human learning; simply defined, social learning is learning through interactions with other people. Everyone has experienced learning through these interactions. In fact, social learning is likely the way you learned to talk, to say please and thank you, and to recognize shapes, animals, and colors. The same basic […]

Using Lecture Capture and a Video CMS with Blackboard

Universities, colleges, and community colleges use learning management systems, or LMSs to bring content of all sorts to their students. The LMS facilitates in-classroom, blended, flipped and online learning for enrolled students and helps students and instructors to remain in close and ongoing communication. Many institutions around the country have chosen the Blackboard LMS to […]

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