Fall 2017 Scholarship Winner – Samantha Jones

Tell us about yourself. I’m a college student studying English language and literature, which means I drink way too much coffee, I’m in a committed relationship with Microsoft Word and if you get me talking about literature, I can go on for hours. I’m also a sister, biologically I have a younger sister, on my […]

Improving Audio Quality for Lecture Captures

Audio quality is essential for capture functionality; users need to be able to hear what you are saying.  Poor audio quality makes captures less useful, and may leave users feeling discouraged and frustrated. There are multiple components to the overall quality of an audio recording; these include the space you’re recording in, the microphone you’re […]

New Applications for Lecture Capture

With more institutions embracing lecture capture technology, it is increasingly a familiar and everyday part of campus life. Automated scheduling facilitates consistent and reliable recording to simplify lecture capture for instructors. Many institutions are integrating new learning modalities using lecture capture; however, lecture capture offers some learning options that instructors and administrators may not have […]

Remote Scheduling to Simplify Lecture Capture

Across the country, many institutions are working to implement lecture capture solutions to facilitate new learning modalities and meet student needs. Lecture capture technology enables students to watch lectures, either in a live stream or as recorded media content. For many institutions, the process of installing lecture capture technology is simple; the challenge comes in […]

Fall 2017 Scholarship Essays

Essay Question: Please tell us your favorite childhood book and why. The Book Thief by Robyn One of the most memorable books I read as a child was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This book not only is my favorite childhood book but is my favorite book of the series. My older sister […]

Standardizing Campus-Wide Lecture Capture Technology

Students, instructors, and administrators benefit from standardized, campus-wide lecture capture technology. Today, lecture capture technology provides students with the ability to access course lectures, whether they are learning in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting, a hybrid or flipped learning environment, or a virtual classroom. Lecture capture technology is no longer new, but many institutions adopted lecture […]

Using Video to Facilitate Experiential Learning

Experiential learning promotes academic inquiry through real-world activities, research, and situations. While experiential and hands-on learning are sometimes confused, or treated as synonymous; this is not entirely accurate. In fact, experiential learning can take place within or outside of the classroom, or even through video, rather than in-person learning. According to the Center for Experiential […]

Evolving Corporate Learning for Increased Impact

Corporate learning is a 164.2 billion dollar industry, but many companies find that their investment in corporate learning is not as impactful as they might hope. Evolving corporate learning provides the ability to increase learning and retention, lower costs, and offer improved flexibility. Effective corporate learning programs engage learners, meet their needs, and keep both […]

Student Lecture Capture Priorities

Increasingly, students expect access to lecture captures in a variety of settings, including online, hybrid, and traditional learning environments. They recognize that these tools enhance their educational experience and provide valuable instructional tools, both for direct instruction and review. Both traditional and non-traditional students appreciate the flexibility and offered by modern lecture capture technology. Maximizing […]

Recording a Google Slides Presentation

As companies and institutions move their work flows online, using cloud-based systems, they may wish to integrate cloud-based presentation software into lecture capture or room recordings. Google Slides is an increasingly popular alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, and provides an effective way to share multimedia content, and create a visually interesting presentation, while facilitating collaborative work. […]