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Test Proctoring

Ensure Academic Integrity with Test Proctoring

Ensure exam integrity with test proctoring software that enables automated and live online proctoring integrated directly within your current LMS and Single Sign-On tools.

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Protect Integrity
Review Proctored Results.
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Review Results

Proctored Results Are Compiled into Actionable Reports

Reports show instructors how students approach tests, how long it takes to complete, and provide other session details within your LMS.

Review Results

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Oakland University

In this video, Dan Arnold and Kate Huttenlocher, from Oakland University, describe the ways in which YuJa has forever altered the landscape of teaching and learning.

Case Study

LMS Integration

Fully Integrate With Your LMS

YuJa Verity test proctoring software integrates within your Learning Management System so instructors can create proctored exams directly within their existing dashboards. Students can take exams seamlessly, without the need to leave the LMS.

LMS Integration

A screenshot showing live test proctoring.

Live Proctoring

Monitor Online Tests in Real-Time With YuJa Verity Live Proctoring

With YuJa Verity Live Proctoring, institutions can designate test proctors to monitor student test sessions in real-time. This helps prevent cheating, unauthorized assistance, and other academic misconduct. Live proctoring can be switched on or off for each test, enabling the instructor to decide the appropriate level of security for each test.

Live Proctoring

A screenshot of the lockdown browser application.

Lock Down App

Verity Includes a Lockdown App

YuJa Verity Lock Down Proctoring provides a custom browser that locks down a student’s test environment within the institution’s LMS. Instructors can decide if they want to allow more than one screen, disable opening new tabs or copying text to the clipboard, and close open tabs during a test among other test options.

Lock Down App

To learn more about YuJa Verity for Test Proctoring, call us at 1-888-257-2278

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Tests Reporting

Detailed Institutional and Course-Level Reporting

YuJa Verity provides real-time reporting on institutional academic integrity, and provides detailed course-level reporting of individual testing results including test-taking behaviors and patterns.

Tests Reporting

Third-Party Tests Tools Integrated with YuJa Verify.

External Tests

Monitor External Tool Assessments with YuJa Verity

YuJa Verity can be enabled for third-party exams embedded as external tools within the LMS. This enables instructors to create quizzes and assignments outside of the LMS and still use YuJa Verity’s monitoring capabilities to record student assessments. YuJa Verity also supports third-party assessments through Verity Lockdown App and Live Proctoring.

External Tests

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Support Resources

We’re Here to Help

Our Verity support team is available to help. Students can access support guides or connect with the dedicated team through a support ticket, by email, or by calling our toll-free number for immediate assistance.

We’re here to help

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