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Accessible content enables every learner to succeed. YuJa Panorama integrates seamlessly into all major Learning Management System (LMS) products to improve the accessibility of digital media and course content.

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Website Accessibility Tool Real-Time Suggestions LMS Integration Accessibility Analytics Accessible Repository

Accessible Content

Accessible Content Enables Every Learner to Succeed

YuJa Panorama automatically improves the accessibility of digital media and course content. Panorama brings market-leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities into the digital accessibility process.

Enterprise Video Platform
Visual Accessibility Gauge.

Visual Accessibility Gauge

Visual Accessibility Gauge Right Next to the File

Providing quality content for students and keeping up with ever-changing accessibility standards remains the primary concerns for instructors. YuJa Panorama makes it easy for Instructors to measure the accessibility of their course content with the Accessibility Gauge. The Accessibility Gauge provides both a color and visual shape representation of content accessibility.


A pop-up list from YuJa Panorama for Scanning and Checking.

Scan and Check

Automatically Create Accessible Alternative Files

Panorama can ingest, inspect, and convert a variety of file formats including: PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML files, image files (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BPM, TIFF), OpenOffice/LibreOffice files, and Rich Text content (WYSIWYG/VTBE).

HTML-Based Page


High Contrast

Plain Text File

Electronic Braille

Tagged PDF Version

Math Formats

Language Translations

Immersive Reader


Review and Report

Review and Report Accessibility Across Your Organization

Instructors and Administrators are provided with a variety of reports to help measure the level of accessibility and track trends over time including:

Course Report

Instructor Report

Institution Report

Accessibility Report

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Streamline Accessibility

Seamless LMS Integration

Seamless Integration With All Major LMS Platforms

– Our LTI and native API-level integration for all major Learning Management Systems (LMSs) help your instructors ensure they are providing accessible course content to their students. Instructors simply login to their course-site and prepare their course materials.

From here, Panorama seamlessly generates multiple accessible alternatives of the course-material in the background.

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Coastal Carolina University building.
Coastal Carolina University logo.

Coastal Carolina University

While the institution initially started with the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, it has added YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility and Test Proctoring to its suite of products. YuJa Panorama is a tool that improves the accessibility of digital media and course content. It ingests, inspects, and converts files to various formats, and can do the same with audio.

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case study

Leverage Automation

Leverage Automation to Drive Inclusive Design

YuJa Panorama helps organizations improve the learning experience by driving inclusivity as a key – and measurable – objective when creating digital course content.

Create Accessible Versions

Real-Time Scorecards

LMS Integration

Visual Accessibility Scores

Institutional Reporting

Instructor Feedback

Scan YouTube Videos for Caption Files.

Caption Detection

Scan YouTube Videos for Caption Files

When an instructor adds a YouTube video to their course, YuJa Panorama will scan the video to see if captions are provided. If captions are missing, Panorama will prompt instructors to add captions and rescan to ensure accessibility. This removes barriers for instructors who find helpful course materials online, but who need to ensure instructional videos are accessible to students.

Caption Detection

Eye-Guiding Gradient Reader.

Reduce Distractions

Improve Ease and Accuracy of Reading with Eye-Guiding Gradient Reader

YuJa’s Gradient Reader can help students stay focused and read with ease. Offered as an Alternative Format, the Gradient Reader provides text in color that shifts between lines to guide readers’ eyes quickly and accurately to the next line. Gradient Readers are shown to help with reading comprehension for all, but can be especially helpful for those with certain disabilities, such as ADHD, dyslexia, or vision impairments.

Streamline Accessibility

Creating Equity in Higher Education With Digital Accessibility PDF Cover.


Creating Equity in Higher Education With Digital Accessibility

Creating an environment that is inclusive, equitable, and accessible to students of all abilities has always been important, but even more so as learning shifts to more remote and digital environments.

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Streamline Accessibility

LMS Integration Options

Highly Configurable LMS Integration Options

Panorama integrates tightly into your Learning Management System (LMS) with configurable options to turn on specific accessibility options, adjust score weighting, and modify file synchronization frequency.


Scan HTML Embedded Content within the LMS.


Scan HTML Embedded Content within the LMS

Panorama provides accessibility reporting for HTML files and native HTML web pages including Assignments, Discussions, Pages and Syllabus. Users can also access alternative formats of the HTML file and webpage’s text in PDF, Braille, EPUB and more.

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Streamline Accessibility

Streamline Accessibility for Your Institution’s Website

Panorama is available on any webpage, including those outside of an institution’s LMS. Website Accessibility allows alternative formats to be delivered on any website via an integrated Website Accessibility tab. The automated nature of our website accessibility significantly reduces the cost of ensuring WCAG compliance for your institution.

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Streamline Accessibility Before/After Screenshot.

Streamline Accessibility

An image of a computer screen in a data center.

Streamline Accessibility

Elastic Media Cloud to Process Large LMS Workloads

Panorama’s Elastic Media Cloud can process institutions and courses with millions of files within an hour. On-Demand Processing helps manage processing requests for Alternative Formats and updates to documents made through the Remediation Engine.

Streamline Accessibility

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