Enterprise Accessibility

A More Inclusive Digital Media Experience

Accessible content enables every learner to succeed. YuJa Panorama integrates seamlessly into all major Learning Management System (LMS) products to improve the accessibility of digital media and course content.

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Accessible Content Enables Every Learning to Succeed

Accessible Content

Accessible Content Enables Every Learner to Succeed

YuJa Panorama automatically improves the accessibility of digital media and course content. Panorama brings market-leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities into the digital accessibility process.

Web Browser Access

Access Panorama From Any Web Browser

In today’s technological landscape, the ability to review and fix accessibility concerns is imperative. All capabilities are fully supported when accessing Panorama via all major web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge, and Safari.

Visual Accessibility Gauge Right Inside Canvas

Visual Accessibility Gauge

Visual Accessibility Gauge Right Next to the File

Providing quality content for students and keeping up with ever-changing accessibility standards remains the primary concerns for instructors. YuJa Panorama makes it easy for Instructors to measure the accessibility of their course content with the Accessibility Gauge. The Accessibility Gauge provides a colored representation of Accessibility according to the following legend:

  • Red – Severe accessibility Issues
  • Yellow – Somewhat accessible, but still contains significant issues
  • Green – Minor or no accessibility issues to correct
Scan and Check Most Common File Formats

Scan and Check

Scan and Check Most Common File Formats

Panorama can ingest, inspect, and convert a variety of file formats including: PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML files, image files (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BPM, TIFF), OpenOffice/LibreOffice files, and Rich Text content (WYSIWYG/VTBE). In addition, by using the Panorama Media Plugin, users can upload, inspect, and correct the accessibility of most video and audio file formats.

Text-to-Speech Audio
High Contrast
Plain Text
Electronic Braille
Tagged PDF Version
Delgado Community College
Delgado Community College

Delgado Community College

Accessibility has always been an important goal in course design at Delgado Community College. That’s one of the reasons the institution signed a five-year contract for site-wide deployment of YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility, an innovative tool to help make learning more inclusive for all students.

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Leverage Automation

Leverage Automation to Drive Inclusive Design

YuJa Panorama helps organizations improve the learning experience by driving inclusivity as a key – and measurable – objective when creating digital course content.

Create Accessible Versions
Real-Time Scorecards
LMS Integration
Visual Accessibility Scores
Institutional Reporting
Auto-Captioning for Audio and Video
Instructor Feedback
Comprehensive File Support
Highly Configurable Integration LMS Integration Options

LMS Integration Options

Highly Configurable Integration LMS Integration Options

Panorama integrates tightly into your Learning Management System (LMS) with configurable options to turn on specific accessibility options, adjust score weighting, and modify file synchronization frequency.

Scan HTML Embedded Content within the LMS


Scan HTML Embedded Content within the LMS

Panorama provides accessibility reporting for HTML files and native HTML web pages iincluding Assignments, Discussions, Pages and Syllabus. Users can also access alternative formats of the HTML file and webpage’s text in PDF, Braille, EPUB and more.

Comprehensive Dashboards and Scorecards

Comprehensive Dashboards and Scorecards

Comprehensive Dashboards and Scorecards

Panorama offers Institution-Level and Course Accessibility reports with clear visual indicators, summary information, and institution benchmarking charts.

Manage and Adjust Accessibility Severity Scores

Manage and Adjust Accessibility Severity Scores

Manage and Adjust Accessibility Severity Scores

Panorama offers institutions the ability to modify the default accessibility issue severity score for each document type.

All Major Lms Platforms

Seamless Integration With All Major Lms Platforms

– Our LTI and native API-level integration for all major Learning Management Systems (LMSs) help your instructors ensure they are providing accessible course content to their students. Instructors simply login to their course-site and prepare their course materials.

From here, Panorama seamlessly generates multiple accessible alternatives of the course-material in the background – including HTML, Electronic Braille, EPUB, Audio (Speech-to-Text), High Contrast, and Tagged PDF files.

Stock Graphic Image of Data

Automatic Inspection

Automatic Inspection of Content for Accessibility

Users can upload most common file formats directly to their Canvas LMS course where an Accessibility Assessment is automatically performed by Panorama. The high-velocity engine of Panorama digs deep into the file data structure to understand the current state of the content’s accessibility.

Review and Report Accessibility Across Your Organization

Instructors and Administrators are provided with a variety of reports to help measure the level of accessibility and track trends over time including:

Course Report

Measure the accessibility of content within a particular course

Instructor Report

Understand the level of accessibility an instructor provides across all of their courses

Institution Report

Identify macro-trends related to accessibility across your organization

Accessibility Gauge

Offers a colored representation of the overall level of accessibility at the individual content level and course level

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