Automated Web Governance

Continually Scan and Monitor Your Web Presence with EqualGround

EqualGround levels the accessibility playing field for regulated sector organizations, monitoring accessibility and helping maintain WCAG, ARIA, and other compliance standards across your web properties.

Accessibility Scanner

Accessibility and Compliance Scanning Made Easy

EqualGround continually scans and monitors your website, intranet, and other publicly accessible web content. Regulated organizations can proactively correct issues and deliver optimized content that is accessible to all users and meets compliance regulations.


Ensure Compliance With WCAG Across Your Digital Footprint

Governmental organizations are required to comply with Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act, including a new regulation that applies to web content and mobile applications. Organizations must comply with WCAG 2.1 Level AA.

Government Offices

Public Schools

Police Departments

Elections Offices

Public Hospitals

Healthcare Clinics

Public Parks

Public Libraries

Transit Agencies

A report of an EqualGround scan.

AI Insights

Gain Insights on Accessibility Issues and Fixes

EqualGround leverages the power of generative AI to provide insights on accessibility issues and how to resolve them. AI-driven analysis delivers personalized recommendations, helping you prioritize improvements and make data-informed decisions to enhance digital accessibility.

Steps for getting started with EqualGround..

How it Works

Getting Started With EqualGround

EqualGround doesn’t require any setup. Simply:
  1. Reach out to us.
  2. We’ll add your domains.
  3. Click “Scan Now” or turn on automated scanning.
  4. View results.

Streamline Compliance

Eliminate Manual Accessibility Quality Assurance Testing

Uncover and track accessibility issues in real time without the need for complicated and time-intensive manual testing. Free your team from manual audits, reduce legal risk, and ensure digital properties stay compliant with an all-in-one tool.

A view of access.

Document Accessibility

Scan Documents Embedded Into Your Web Pages

Unlike other compliance scanners, EqualGround scans the HTML of your website, including embedded documents for full accessibility and an improved user experience.

More Resources

Learn More About Digital Accessibility and Compliance

Positive adult woman with disability learning online.

Ensuring Accessibility Is Our Priority

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Creating Equity in Higher Education with Digital Accessibility.

Creating Equity in Higher Education with Digital Accessibility

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U.S. Education and Justice Departments ‘Accessibility Cannot Be an Afterthought’.

U.S. Education and Justice Departments ‘Accessibility Cannot Be an Afterthought’

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EqualGround branding options.


Blend Accessibility Compliance with Brand Identity

Customize your EqualGround login page to reflect your organization’s visual style. Adjust button colors and incorporate branded images to create a cohesive user experience from the start. This personalized approach not only reinforces your brand identity but demonstrates your commitment to accessibility, fostering a more inclusive and engaging environment for all users.

Role Management

Assign Roles and Manage Users From a Centralized Platform

Simplify user control through custom role creation and an intuitive roster management dashboard. Users can create custom access levels for viewing reports, initiating scans, and managing website settings while adding, assigning, and removing users. Precise control over platform access increases security and workflow efficiency across your organization.

The role management screen with the create role popup open.
The EqualGround roster management screen with various roles showing.
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