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YuJa, Inc. Continues Innovation of its Suite of Ed-Tech Products with Dozens of New, Enhanced Product Features in Fourth Quarter

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YuJa, Inc., a leader in enterprise ed-tech solutions, has released a number of new and updated features across its portfolio of products this quarter. YuJa’s suite of software products includes: the flagship YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, YuJa Video Conferencing Platform, YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility, YuJa Himalayas for Enterprise Archiving, YuJa Engage Student Response System, and YuJa Verity Test Proctoring.

“Our customers’ needs are what drive us, and we’re excited about the new features and updates we’ve rolled out this quarter.”

“As a company that provides SaaS products to institutions of higher education, innovation is always at the forefront of our minds. We pride ourselves on constant innovation, and work to create and expand solutions created for colleges, universities, and other teaching and learning environments,” said Nathan Arora, Chief Business Officer at YuJa, Inc. “Our customers’ needs are what drive us, and we’re excited about the new features and updates we’ve rolled out this quarter.”

Highlighted feature introductions and updates are listed below.

Enterprise Video Platform

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform saw a number of updates. The Video Platform provides users with better performance with hundreds of simultaneously connected devices, as well as a way to quickly review and filter device schedules. Groups can be created in CampusTube for easy file and folder sharing, and security options for Live Streams were updated.

Other updates include adding remote management tools for Software Capture, along with third-party hardware support for NCast hardware encoders, and customizable API endpoint scopes for API tokens, which allows administrators to create customized tokens for specific APIs. Content owners can also bulk merge to quickly combine multiple videos into a single video without having to launch the editor.

Video Conference Platform

The YuJa Video Conferencing Platform now supports 100 simultaneous video participants, as well as HD webcams and high-definition videos. In addition, users can express themselves and engage with content using emoji responses in live chat. Users can also open a screenshare in a separate tab to enlarge the content.

YuJa Verity for Test Proctoring

YuJa Verity for Test Proctoring now offers users with an improved UI for the Proctoring Results table to view ID verification photos, making verification a simple process. A new quick setup guide for students, a new UI page for unauthenticated students, and student account authentication for proctored sessions all support students and help them use YuJa Verity effectively. Proctors can view sessions in full screen and click IDs within a results table to quickly view a student’s identification photo.

YuJa Engage Student Response System

The YuJa Engage Student Response System is the newest product in YuJa’s suite of ed-tech tools. Users now have the option to use live polling for audience engagement. It also allows CSV file support for roster imports, and a Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon add-on for a streamlined poll integration process. YuJa Engage now has Blackboard Learn and Canvas LTI 1.3 integration and enables poll creators to add images to their poll questions.

YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility

YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility now provides users with a new, direct-access Panorama Platform (in addition to the LTI-only integration). Additionally, YuJa Panorama provides new format support for printed and handwritten math equations, including over a dozen image types from short answer to handwritten, printed, diagrams, tables and more. Math equations can now be read aloud to students using screen readers, including equations embedded in documents and included in images.

YuJa Himalayas for Data Archiving and Compliance

YuJa Himalayas for Data Archiving and Compliance users can now view and download individual group recordings for Microsoft teams. Additionally, all annual recurring policy settings have been updated so they run annually from the date the policy is created rather than at the end of the calendar year.

About YuJa, Inc.

YuJa is a leader in ed-tech solutions. Our platforms provide organizations of all sizes with the tools to educate, engage, inspire and collaborate. We serve learning enterprises within all sectors, including higher-ed, K-12, government, healthcare, non-profit and corporate. We have legal headquarters in Delaware with primary U.S. offices in Silicon Valley, California, and Canadian offices in Toronto.

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