YuJa + Verbit: Enhancing Video Accessibility at Scale

Lisa Ramirez
Lisa Ramirez
YuJa and Verbit logo lockup

YuJa enables higher education institutions to upload, create, and share content seamlessly with users. YuJa’s suite of ed-tech products is used by more than 600 enterprise customers, including prestigious institutions like Princeton University and Stanford University.

Verbit, which combines artificial intelligence and human input, is a key player providing high-quality auto-captioning solutions that meet accessibility standards at a lower price point, a key consideration when every dollar counts, such as for state universities and land-grant institutions.

“No longer can you deploy video at scale and not think about the accessibility of that video. With today’s legislation, accessibility is not a ‘nice-to-have,’ it’s a ‘have-to-have,’” Nathan Arora, Chief Business Officer said in a recent video highlighting YuJa and Verbit’s partnership. “Our customers expect our products to be delivered in a predictable, reliable instruction manner and so we look to partners like Verbit to provide that high-quality auto-captioning.”

The collaboration between YuJa and Verbit demonstrates the power of technology in ensuring video accessibility at scale. “Our product benefits from the very positive work that Verbit does,” Arora concluded.

About Verbit

Verbit serves as an essential accessibility partner to 3,000+ businesses and institutions. Verbit’s voice AI and human solutions help customers to offer engaging and equitable experiences. Verbit not only supports them in meeting accessibility guidelines, but in making verbal information searchable and actionable. Since its founding in 2017, Verbit has grown into a unicorn company with a $2B valuation and a global presence. Verbit employs the largest professional captioner workforce in the world and has emerged as the leader in the $30B transcription industry.

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