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YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Designed for Education

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is an all-in-one video experience to securely create, manage, discover, collaborate, and live stream video content across any device. The Platform also integrates into existing enterprise systems including your LMS, SSO, CMS, company intranet, and website.

Screenshot showing the YuJa Video Platform Media Library
Enterprise Video Platform

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Customer Case Studies

YuJa Pro Capture Recording Portfolio Lecture and Video Capture Tools

Software-Based Lecture Capture

Flexible Desktop-Based Software Lecture Capture and Personal Capture Tools

A podium computer or personal laptop can be a cost-effective way to lecture capture and live stream. Capture multiple video, audio and screen sources with a powerful – yet simple – desktop software application.

Personal Capture
Classroom Recording
Student Recording
Automated Scheduling

Hardware-Based Lecture Capture

Powerful Hardware-Based Lecture Capture Appliance with Fleet Management

Place the YuJa Hardware Hub, a multi-device A/V encoder, in your rooms to enable simultaneous lecture capture and live streaming. The YuJa Hardware Hub integrates with existing peripherals for high-fidelity video and audio delivery.

Media Appliance for Lecture Capture and Live Streaming
Full Room Capture
End-to-End Automation
Watch Anywhere
Cloud Powered

Browser Capture

HTML5-Based Browser Capture with Multi-Source Recording Capabilities

The YuJa In-Browser Capture Studio is a browser-based video and screen capture solution that enables creators to record and distribute rich-media instructional content using just a web browser.

Multi-Source Recording
HTML5 Browser-Based
Record Anywhere
Offline Download

Mobile Capture and Viewing

Rich Mobile Applications for Recording and Viewing Content On-the-Go

YuJa’s Mobile Apps for iOS and Android provide capabilities to record content, upload content, and view content. This includes the capability to record at any location including video assignments, conduct interviews, and training for remote work.

HTML5-based Media Players
Media Playback
Media Uploading
Content Capture
Offline Viewing

Third-Party Hardware Marketplace

Third-Party Hardware Vendor Marketplace

Through partnerships with third-party hardware vendors, YuJa supports the delivery of comprehensive media experiences to organizations. We provide industry-leading integrations with all major vendors including Epiphan, Extron and Matrox.

Third-Party Hardware Marketplace
Lecture Capture Solutions

YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform with LMS and Website Integration

Image showing alternative formats
Image showing the immersive reader with math equations displayed.

Accessible content enables every learning to succeed. YuJa Panorama integrates seamlessly into all major Learning Management (LMS) products to improve the accessibility of digital media and course content.

By incorporating market-leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the accessibility process, it means that instructors and technologists alike have a digital accessibility expert to automatically make content more accessible.

Enterprise Video Platform

YuJa Verity Test Proctoring Platform with LMS Integration

The YuJa Verity Test Proctoring Platform offers a one-stop-shop for all your organization’s test proctoring workflows.

Ensure exam integrity with test proctoring software that enables automated and live online proctoring integrated directly within your current LMS and Single Sign-On tools.

Manage and Upload Your Content Effortlessly
Test Proctoring

YuJa Himamalyas Enterprise Archiving Platform with LMS and Video Conferencing Integrations

The YuJa Himalayas Enterprise Archiving Platform is built in the cloud to archive large data workloads, identify compliance issues, manage risks, and enable e-discovery scenarios. YuJa Himalayas provides automated ingestion from a variety of sources including video conference products and content management systems.

Data Archiving
Storage Tiering
Policy Management
A screenshot shows the YuJa Himalayas dashboard.
Enterprise Archiving

YuJa Engage Student Response System with LMS Integration

Get insights into students’ comprehension with an LMS-integrated Student Response System. Created for higher education, YuJa Engage is a Student Response System (SRS) that transforms any course into a more active learning experience for students and allows instructors to gain actionable metrics. Students can use any device to answer polls and view responses.

Real-Time Polling
Immediate Feedback
Audience Engagement
Live Assessments

Total User Support and Implementation Services

Customer service is included with every deployment license. This includes live, total user customer service, dedicated Account Management staffing and consistent Customer Success support…all backed by our award-winning Product Engineering and Operations team.

Total User Support

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