7 YuJa Video Platform Features to Try in 2022

Karen Butterfield
Karen Butterfield
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At YuJa, we’re always focused on innovation, but in 2021, our teams listened to your needs and worked to help solve problems so you can continue doing what you do best. We’re proud to have teams of people coming together to think about how to effectively implement and scale enterprise video and media solutions at organizations and institutions, and trying to make navigating through uncertainty just a little easier.

Here are our top Enterprise Video Platform features to check out or try in 2022:

Redesigned Media Chooser Makes Sharing Easier in Your LMS

We redesigned the Media Chooser to provide a more structured set of workflows to create, upload and share recordings and media content in the LMS. Users can choose and embed media from existing collections, upload content directly and embed it, and record content using the capture tools.

YuJa Media Chooser

Our Blackboard Enterprise Connector Makes the Video Platform Your Central Repository

If you have Blackboard, our Blackboard Collaborate Enterprise Connector is a feature you don’t want to miss. It makes the Video Platform a central repository for all media content 一 no matter where it was generated. That means you can use outside products like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams and Blackboard Collaborate, and content from Blackboard Collaborate will automatically import into the platform before being optionally deleted (to free up Collaborate storage and reduce costs). Learn more or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn how to deploy the connector.

Blackboard Collaborate Integration

Virtual Backgrounds are Available Within Any Recording Tool

The Video Platform now supports virtual backgrounds to customize your video and/or maintain the privacy of your personal location. This is especially useful as more recordings are created in home offices or even in public spaces. Users can record with any tool within the Capture Portfolio- hardware, software, in-browser or mobile, a third-party capture tool, or simply upload content, and then use the Video Editor to apply a virtual background. Learn more.

Virtual background

We Have Dedicated GPU-Enabled Adaptive Bitrate Live Streaming Available in PC and Apple Capture Applications

What does this mean for you? Users will get the same live streaming quality as they do with the YuJa Hardware Capture appliances regardless of their connection or device being used. This is available in both PC and Apple Capture.

Adaptive bitrate streaming image

The New Webex Enterprise Connector Eases Video Conference Content Ingestion

Similar in function to YuJa’s Zoom Enterprise Connector, the new Webex Enterprise Connector allows ingestion of video conference recordings from Webex video conferences. This feature supports deeper system interconnectivity, which is a continued goal for each of our products.

Webex Integration

Live Captioning is Now Available

Live, AI-based ASR provides auto-captioning for live streamed events. That means you can caption in real-time, enhancing accessibility for users. To learn how to opt your organization into Live ASR, reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Live captioning displayed over course presentation.

We enhanced Our Browser Capture Experience

The user experience for Browser Capture was redesigned to provide a more intuitive interface, better control of source recording, and previewing of active sources. Further, we implemented more than 15 stability and firewall improvements. Learn more.

software capture

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