YuJa’s enterprise video platform – including lecture capture, video podcasting, and multimedia discussion forums – make it easy to adapt your lessons to integrate the newest educational technology. Whether you opt for a traditional classroom structure (supported by lecture capture and online discussion) or a flipped classroom (with lectures provided online-only and class time reserved for other activities) the YuJa platform can adapt to your instructional style.

What does your usual classroom lesson plan include?

For most instructors, the lesson plan includes lecture notes or a written-out lecture, as well as, visual aids, like handouts or a PowerPoint presentation. These lesson plans are easy to adapt to YuJa quickly and easily. Additionally, if you use other resources in your class, like a SmartBoard, integrated software, or even online videos, these can also be integrated into YuJa. Depending on how you choose to organize your classroom, you may have to do very little to take your class online and offer the benefits of social learning to your students.

Using YuJa in a Traditional Classroom

Your usual lecture can be captured and live streamed as you give it in the classroom. There’s no need to alter your lecture in any way; you can record it with the YuJa device or the software-based capture interface, either using a podium computer or your own laptop. Either before or after class, upload any notes you’d like to provide to your students, including PDF readings, PowerPoint files, or other file types.

If you would like to provide supplemental materials to your students, or create a short, out-of-class study video, you can use the video podcasting tools to do so. Discussion questions, like those you might use in the classroom, can be used in the multimedia discussion forums. Using YuJa this way maintains your traditional class structures, with the additional reinforcement of social learning tools.

The Flipped Classroom

In a flipped classroom, in-class time is used for collaborative projects, discussion, and interaction with lectures taking place outside traditional class time. Lecture capture tools, like those offered by YuJa, are an ideal way to flip your class. Use lecture capture to film some, or even all, of your classroom lectures. Allow students to watch the lectures ahead of time, before class. Your students can come to class prepared with the information they need to engage and interact on a face-to-face basis.

Essentially, the tools and methods are the same; you’re simply implementing all of them ahead of time. Flipping your class can allow you to engage your students in new ways. You may spend more time out-of-class preparing your lecture captures; however, this is often balanced by less time spent supporting your students on office hours and through email. Additionally, students often learn better with hands-on learning, rather than lecture-based learning. YuJa uses the benefits of online tools and social learning to enable you to use your class time for hands-on and project-based learning.

Things to Remember

While many faculty adapt quickly to using lecture capture with their classes, there are some things you can do to improve the quality of your lecture captures and your students’ experiences with lecture capture. Before you start using lecture capture with your students, take the time to record yourself. Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I speaking clearly?
  • Is my speech timed appropriately?
  • Am I using visual aids or other materials to their best advantage?
  • Is my clothing or body language distracting to the students?
  • Should I consider adjusting the height of webcams and microphones for better recording quality?