Integrating YuJa’s Video Platform into Traditional and Flipped Classrooms

Karen Butterfield
Karen Butterfield

For most instructors, the lesson plan includes notes or a written-out lecture, as well as visual aids, like handouts or a presentation. Each of these components are easy to adapt to YuJa quickly and easily. If you use other resources in your class, like a SmartBoard, integrated software, or even online videos, they can be integrated with YuJa. 

Depending on how you choose to organize your classroom, you may have to do very little to reap the benefits of a comprehensive, cloud-hosted video platform.


Using YuJa in a Traditional Classroom

Your usual lecture can be captured and live streamed as you give it in the classroom. There’s no need to alter your lecture in any way. Simply:

  • Record your lecture with the YuJa Hardware Hub or the software-based capture interface with your computer, laptop or even mobile device. 
  • Upload any notes you’d like to provide to your students, including PDF readings, PowerPoint files, or other file types.
  • Add supplemental materials, such as digital resources, audio recordings, tables and figures. 

Using YuJa in this way maintains your traditional class structure, with the additional reinforcement of social learning tools.


“Flipping your class can allow you to engage your students in new ways, whether it’s through creating video tutorials, allowing in-video commenting or adding annotations.”

In a flipped classroom, in-class time is used for collaborative projects, discussion, and interaction with lectures taking place outside traditional class time. Lecture capture tools, like those offered by YuJa, are an ideal way to flip your class. 

Use lecture capture to record some or all of your classroom lectures. Allow students to watch the lectures ahead of time. Students can come to class prepared with the information they need to engage and interact on a face-to-face basis.

Essentially, the tools and methods are the same — you’re simply implementing all of them ahead of time. Flipping your class can allow you to engage your students in new ways, whether it’s through creating video tutorials, allowing in-video commenting or adding annotations.


While many faculty adapt quickly to using lecture capture with their classes, there are some things you can do to improve the quality of your lecture captures and your students’ experiences with lecture capture. After recording your lecture, ask yourself the following:

  • Am I speaking clearly?
  • Is my speech timed appropriately?
  • Am I using visual aids or other materials to their best advantage?
  • Should I consider adjusting the height of webcams and microphones for better recording quality?

YuJa offers full-featured capabilities for recording multi-stream content with video editing and distribution tools available directly in the Video Platform. With minimal training, instructors and students benefit from the video platform.

About YuJa

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