Preparing Students for the Workforce With YuJa

Karen Butterfield
Karen Butterfield

Woman writes on a white board as others look on.In a recent Gallup study, 42 percent of students reported they would prefer to use digital learning tools more often to learn and 70 percent of students reported using digital learning tools outside of school for schoolwork a few days per week. YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform has the tools and resources to help institutions of all sizes meet the demand of students’ needs when it comes to learning both in and out of the classroom.

Benefits of YuJa extend to the workforce:

  • 70 percent of older students and 96 percent of younger students reported that using technology in the classroom made education more fun. YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform allows students to collaborate in a unique way by engaging and learning with one another. Today’s workplace is a team-oriented environment and students who learn to collaborate in the classroom become employees who facilitate collaboration in the workplace.
  • Features in the Video Platform, like video quizzes, allow students to take part in active and engaged learning rather than passive learning. Gallup reported educators say digital learning tools are just as effective as non-digital tools and are more effective than non-digital tools for connecting learning to students’ future jobs and careers. 
  • Through the Video Platform, students become familiar and comfortable with recording professional presentations and using technology to share their knowledge. In an increasingly virtual workplace, having skills to navigate technology, video in particular, is an important skill to bring to any career. 

YuJa not only meets the goals of the educators and students it serves, but it also gives students transferable skills they will use in the workforce.

Preparing Students for the Workforce Through Career Service and Training Offerings

While YuJa’s Video Platform enhances the academic experience for students, its capabilities go beyond that. An institution’s career center also can help prepare students for the workforce through the creation of career-based courses, training and preparation, which they can apply to the workplace following graduation.

Tips for Using YuJa in Career Services:

  • Ensure service availability and  accessibility to students with video chats, file sharing and discussion forums.
  • Create career preparation classes with quizzes and assignments on topics like job interview preparation and how to write a resume.
  • Use video presentations to inform students of opportunities at the institution. 
  • Allows video collaboration where instructors or faculty can bring professionals into virtual conversations about the workplace or their field of expertise. 

About YuJa

YuJa is a leader in ed-tech solutions. Our platforms provide organizations of all sizes with the tools to educate, engage, inspire and collaborate. We serve learning organizations of all sizes, within all sectors, including higher-ed, K-12, government, healthcare, non-profit and corporate delivering engaging video experiences. We have legal headquarters in Delaware with primary U.S. offices in Silicon Valley, California and Canadian offices in Toronto.

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