Collaborative learning isn’t only essential for the modern classroom, but also for the modern workplace. In introducing online social learning, you’re not only improving student outcomes and retention, but also providing essential skills necessary for students’ futures as employees, managers and employers.

According to Cornell University, “Collaborative learning is based on the view that knowledge is a social construct. Collaborative activities are most often based on four principles:

  • The learner or student is the primary focus of instruction.
  • Interaction and “doing” are of primary importance
  • Working in groups is an important mode of learning.
  • Structured approaches to developing solutions to real-world problems should be incorporated into learning.”

This collaborative learning approach carries from the classroom directly into the office, creating individuals capable of working effectively, working together, and solving workplace problems as a team. It encourages cooperation, communication, and makes the best of each person’s strengths.

YuJa integrates each of these aspects of collaborative learning into the connected classroom environment. Each learner or student has the opportunity to actively participate in the classroom experience. Access to file uploads, shared video chats, and multimedia discussion forums allow students to work in groups, to interact, and to make active progress on course work. YuJa makes it easy to allow students to problem-solve together, within the subject matter of a given class. For students in brick-and-mortar classrooms, the social learning environment improves access to and opportunities for collaboration, but for those students who are exclusively online learners, YuJa provides a rare opportunity to learn collaborative skills.

Students that graduate prepared to work effectively in a collaborative environment are desirable employees. They have already learned to function well as one part of a learning team and can easily translate those skills into the workplace. The communication skills, etiquette and cooperation mastered at YuJa will take each of your students from the classroom to the office with grace and ease.

“Collaborative Learning-Group Work.” Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence. Web. Accessed on 27 April, 2015.