UND Professor Presenting

University of North Dakota Improves the Campus Experience: A User Friendly Software Lecture Capture Solution

Broadly speaking, Lecture Capture can be utilized to provide a handful of software and hardware solutions whether you are looking to capture PowerPoint slides, access various webcams, or record multiple screens. For associate professor Rob Stupnisky at the University of North Dakota, Stupnisky found YuJa to be a user-friendly platform for creating lectures that online learners can access 24/7.

“I’m not an ‘IT’ person; I’m not even that ‘techie’ a person,” said Stupnisky. “But I’ve found YuJa to be really easy to work with. And I like how easily it integrates into Blackboard.”


UND Professor Presenting

Image Source: How UND IT improves the campus experience

YuJa Enterprise Video Platform allows users to create and share video-based lecture capture content that can capture multiple videos, audio, and screen sources with a powerful – yet simple – desktop lecture capture software application. As mentioned in the University of North Dakota’s original blog post, Stupnisky placed himself in the shoes of an online student and pictured a student who wanted to establish a real connection with the instructor. By delivering recorded lessons, students can visually see Stupnisky teach are provided a more engaging learning experience. 


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College of DuPage Campus Building

Auto-Captioning Made Easy at College of DuPage

With YuJa auto-captioning, instructors can make video accessible to everyone with integrated auto-captioning, transcription, and integration with external captioning services. For Christine Monnier and the Learning Technologies faculty at College of DuPage, auto-captioning provided a solution to offer accurate captions, translations, and transcripts for students and faculty to maximize content engagement and accessibility. In instances where users have accents, Monnier also demonstrates how to edit existing captions to ensure that your media’s captions are 100% accurate.


Watch the full video here.

YuJa Video Player on Multiple Devices


YuJa auto-captioning is even integrated into all lecture capture technologies, including hardware capturesoftware capture, and in-browser capture solutions. All videos uploaded to the Platform are automatically captioned and transcribed. Captions will also appear within all media players including web, mobile, and tablet applications. With YuJa auto-captioning capabilities, you can ensure that students have access to accessible media for all of your content.


Click here to learn more about YuJa auto-captioning capabilities.




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#COVID-19: How Instructors are Using the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform for Remote Learning

Amidst the wake of an unprecedented pandemic, many instructors are working to adapt in remote locations using cameras and webcams to ensure that educational workflows remain uninterrupted. Experts say that students are expected to attend online courses as late as the end of the spring semester.


Fortunately, modern solutions such as the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provide instructors the ability to simultaneously live stream and record class lectures, host office hours, and hold meetings at the touch of a button. Requiring only a webcam and microphone, recording video is easier than ever and instructors can ensure that class is still in session as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tackling Coronavirus: How Instructors are Using the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform for Remote Learning


1. Lecture Capture



The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers a comprehensive lecture capture portfolio that can be used for small faculty-specific deployments or multi-campus university system-wide deployments. Our easy-to-use lecture capture system supports flipped class micro lessons and multi-stream presentation capture. Instructors can also present naturally across all their presentation material including video, audio, slides, document cameras, smartboards, and more. Integration with your existing Learning Management System (LMS) even allows content creators to seamlessly upload their recorded content directly within their respective LMSs.



2. Video Conferencing



With YuJa Video Conferencing, instructors can host small groups, large lectures and remote office hours. The real-time whiteboard feature enables participants to draw and annotate within a live Video Conference session ideal for one-on-one office hours, small group collaborations, and large-scale video conferencing. If you are designing a 3D model, sharing slides, or editing a document, students can even see what is being presented on your desktop and follow your on-screen actions through their own screens.



3. Active Learning


The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers various solutions to promote active learning within a remote learning environment. Liven up your video quizzes by combining video quizzes with instructive in-video prompts and time-based supplementation information. Enable your students to create recordings of presentations, projects and other work with high-quality, flexible and versatile tools. Students can also access recording tools, share recordings with their class, or securely submit recordings to an instructor without the need for a third-party application. These various features offer learners multiple ways to enhance their learning experience and stay engaged while viewing online content.





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What Is the Alternative Credit Project?


YuJa is committed to the very best for students and institutions. Improved graduation and completion rates are essential for institutions to thrive and to maximize the benefits of student investment in education. With that in mind, YuJa would like to share some information about a project of the American Council on Education, supported by the Gates Foundation.

The Alternative Credit Project is designed to help non-traditional students meet completion goals, and is supported by the American Council on Education and the Gates Foundation.

“ACE is engaged in an Alternative Credit Project™ to encourage greater acceptance of students’ alternative credit and create a more flexible pathway towards post-secondary education attainment for the more than 32 million non-traditional students who may have some college credit but no degree.”

What Are Alternative Credits?

Alternative credits enable students to fulfill general education requirements using no-cost or low-cost online alternatives. ACE encourages colleges and universities to accept these credits to help students complete their degrees. At this time, some 50 institutions are participating in the Alternative Credit Project, offering new opportunities to their students.

Institutions can apply to join the project if they are able to “commit to accept a large number of the courses from this project for transfer credit based upon ACE’s credit recommendations and agree to visibly communicate acceptance of those courses to potential students.”

The Benefits of the Alternative Credit Project

For students, the Alternative Credit Project offers a low-cost or even free way to gain the college credits that they need. For institutions, this means improved student completion rates. Students have an effective, flexible way to gain credits at a low cost. This means less debt and less struggle for non-traditional students, and in the long run, fewer students leaving school because of hardship.

The Significance of the Alternative Credit Project

The Alternative Credit Project offers advantages for both students and institutions, but it also has additional implications. This recognition of the growing importance of online learning by the American Council for Education sends a clear message to institutions of all sizes–it’s time to step out of the brick-and-mortar classroom and offer new and flexible learning options. YuJa can help your institution begin offering online learning options or assist in expanding online learning. The Alternative Credit Project illustrates the critical need for flexible and varied learning choices for all institutions today to support the varied needs of both traditional and non-traditional learners.


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