Five Ways YuJa Can Help Students And Teachers Adapt To An Online Learning Environment

As current events continue to unfold, it remains uncertain whether students and teachers will return to their traditional classroom settings in the near future. For now, until the rest of 2020, distance education remains the primary option.

Here Are 5 Ways YuJa Can Support an Online Learning Environment

YuJa Video Conference between man and woman

1. Scalable Virtual Classrooms / Interactive Video Conferencing

With the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, Instructors can host virtual office hours with one-on-one student engagement or in a large group setting. Instructors can also choose how to split the participants of a meeting into separate sessions automatically or manually at any time. Our cloud-based architecture enables us to instantly scale from small group collaborations to large-scale lectures and webinars. These features not only promote an active learning environment, but provide students with a convenient tool to remotely participate in group projects and after-hour meetings.

2. Fully Integrated Video Editor

With a switch to a remote learning environment, teachers will need to record various lessons and lectures for their online courses. Likewise, students will need to record video assignments and recordings to submit, as well. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers built-in editing capabilities for video content allow for users to revisit saved content to edit recordings, revise slide contents, improve captioning without the need for third-party applications. Video editing allows Content Creators to create professional and polished media content, free from extraneous material or third party applications. The Video Editor is non-destructive, and your edited video is saved as a new file, without damage to the original media.

In-Video Quizz

3. In-Video Quizzing

In a remote setting, knowledge checks within an online learning environment can help keep students engaged in learning content and reinforce various topics that were presented. This feature prevents students from skimming past lessons and helps retain their focus on their course material. With YuJa, interactive assessment capabilities are offered within the video experience including the ability to create video quizzes, insert related documents, and post interactive comments.

By combining video quizzes with instructive in-video prompts and time-based supplementation information, students can stay focused and engaged while following along a lesson at home. Quizzes can also contain a various question types that include ungraded group polls, multiple-choice, true-false questions, short-answer, reflective-pause, and multiple-select questions. 

4. Auto-Captioning Capabilities

While providing captions remains a straight-forward undertaking, it is also important to ensure consistent captioning whilst remaining compliant to current regulations. With the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform, users are given multiple options to generate video captions easily – whether you are captioning one video or an entire collection of videos. Auto-captioning capabilities are automatically available for newly created YuJa video content in multiple languages. As students continue to learn from home, the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s auto-captioning capabilities provide accurate captions, translations, and transcripts for users to maximize content engagement and accessibility.

5. A Video Content Management System (CMS)

With many industry leading platforms, your institution has a single place to store and share videos. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provides users ease-of-use when accessing specific content with a public EnterpriseTube. Individual Course Channels, Campus Channels, and Public Channels, help facilitate content search. Further, Individual User Collections also facilitates the search process to upload and share content within a secure, centralized video library. A centralized video library provides users and faculty with many new tools and options to disseminate information remotely.

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COVID-19 and the Use of Remote Learning, Video Learning, and Lecture Capture

To our partners and customers, as global implications continue to arise, YuJa is committed to ensure that your ability to utilize our products is unaffected as we continue to monitor the steady developments.

COVID-19 and the Use of Remote Learning

With institutions worldwide considering how the global outbreak could affect its institutions, major universities have already begun to shift their courses online to reduce risk and the outbreak’s impact on instruction. Many institutions across the University of California system have cancelled in-person classes to make the switch to remote learning and implement various methods of remote work and technology-focused pedagogies more than ever. As developments continue to arise, additional schools and organizations are expected to follow suit.

Utilizing Remote Learning & What is Available

With the increasing switch to online courses permeating schools across the world, e-learning pedagogies such video conferencing tools, online lectures, learning management systems (LMSs), and video platforms are essential teaching tools used to compensate the lack of an in-person classroom setting. 

Enterprise Video Platforms provide easy access to digital learning material from any location. With your all-in-one Video Platform, built-in editing capabilities for video content allow for users to revisit saved content to edit recordings, revise slide contents, improve captioning without the need for third-party applications.  

Content Management Systems (CMS) provide instructors and students with on-demand access to a centralized, searchable video library to store and securely share flipped classroom content and student or instructor-created recordings across multiple formats.

Video Conferencing allows for instructors to deliver virtual lectures and engage with students to provide live discussions online and present certain presentations remotely. With video conferencing, students can also attend virtual office hours to supplement their learning remotely.

As we continue to carefully monitor the developments surrounding COVID-19, our team at YuJa is dedicated to develop a sustainable workflow that helps instructors and students alike continue to maximize their levels of productivity. In a time where individuals have no choice but to work remotely or deal with this illness, YuJa aims to promote clarity and productivity among all institutions worldwide.

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