ApplianceAndCloud There are two different options for lecture capture using YuJa. The first relies upon YuJa’s software-based interface. It can be used from any computer, including your podium computer or personal laptop. With just a computer, you can lecture and incorporate desktop sharing, allowing you to share PowerPoint or other types of files in your lecture capture. While the software –based capture is adequate for some classrooms, if you rely heavily on classroom technology, the YuJa device offers substantially more technological integration for your classroom. The YuJa device unites all of your classroom technology, creating a true replica of the classroom experience for your students. This is ideal for lecturers who heavily integrate these tools into classroom lectures, as well as for larger classrooms. How does the YuJa device work?
  • The YuJa device is designed to plug-and-play with classroom technology for ease of installation.
  • Activation can be controlled by the instructor or automated to begin at the start of each classroom session.
  • Your lectures stream in real-time and are saved to the Cloud for future replay.
With two different options for lecture capture, which is best for your classroom or university?

Software-Based Capture

  • Software-based capture is cost-effective, requiring no additional or extraneous equipment, outside of a podium computer or instructor’s laptop.
  • Software-based capture is easy to use, but does require more instructor involvement and effort.
  • Software-based capture offers an ideal option for new users, looking to test the features of YuJa.

Device-Based Capture

  • Device-based capture is ideal for university-sponsored connected classroom integration.
  • Device-based capture automates the process and reduces instructor involvement in lecture capture. It can be turned on manually or set to activate according to a pre-programmed schedule.
  • Device-based capture is ideal for faculty who prefer not to manage technology.