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Software Capture and Personal Capture

YuJa Software Capture desktop applications provide simple deployment of software-based lecture capture and live streaming tools onto a podium machine or laptop

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Software Lecture Capture

Desktop Software Lecture Capture and Personal Capture for PC and Apple

A podium computer or personal laptop can be a cost-effective way to lecture capture and live stream. Capture multiple video, audio and screen sources with a powerful desktop software applications for PC and Apple.

Personal Capture
Classroom Recording
Video Training
Flipped Classroom

Software Capture Tools

Affordable Software Capture Platform That’s Easy-To-Use

Flip the Classroom

Tools to pre-record lectures and then use class time for hands-on learning.

Build a Campus Channel

Replay classroom lectures, campus videos and external media content.

Record Lectures

Capture lectures and micro-lessons to publish to the course LMS.

Deploy Course Live Streams

Create course live streams using our classroom recording software.

Offer Faculty Development

Provide learning and development courses on best practices.

Create Video Assignments

We provide all the tools to create video assignments.

Affordable and Easy-To-Use
Indiana State University
Indiana State University

Indiana State University

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s CMS (Content Management System) gives educators at Indiana State University the tools they need to engage distance learners and on-campus students.

By taking a progressive approach to non-traditional methods of learning, Indiana State University’s Information Technology Department proudly supports the use of technology to further every student’s education, whether it occurs on campus or via online courses and programs.

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Searchable Lecture Captures

Create Searchable Lecture Capture and Video Presentations

YuJa’s Software Capture applications enable the creation of secure, searchable video libraries, using an integrated lecture capture, live streaming, and video management platform.


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Integrated Lecture Capture and Enterprise Video Solution

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