Employees Prefer Video Learning to More Traditional Training Methods

Karen Butterfield
Karen Butterfield
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Woman studies in office.Video brings a host of advantages to your organization as it supports corporate learning: 

Video Makes Training More Effective: Video helps create a more engaging and realistic experience for learners, which leads to higher retention both short- and long-term. Research by SAVO Group (now part of Seismic) shows that the average employee will have forgotten 65% of presentation material covered after just one week. After six months, that number jumps to 90%. By injecting emotion and body language into videos, viewers will remain more engaged and overall effectiveness of the training will be increased. 

Video Can Save in Training Costs: Limited or no travel expenses combined with the reusable nature of video make it an ideal cost-saving training measure for organizations of all sizes. Microsoft reported that when it used video instead of classroom training, the company saw a cost reduction of nearly 95%, with a total savings of $13.9 million per year. 

Video Allows On-Demand, Consistent Training: When videos are stored in a central repository, employees can view and access any time and from any location or device. And because everyone is watching the exact same video, there’s less risk of miscommunication or inconsistencies in each employee’s training experience.

If your company hasn’t implemented a video training solution, there’s no better time to explore what it could do for you.

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