HTML5 offers widespread benefits for developers and users, including video users. While  Flash video players remain available, the HTML5 Player and HTML5 technology brings the best in modern online video technology to users. Even Facebook has adopted HTML5 technology for streaming and on-demand video.

Benefits for Institutions

While users may see the benefits of HTML5 technology in the user experience, some of the benefits of HTML5 provide institutions with improved functionality and ease-of-use. These institutional benefits include the following.

  • Branding and Customization – HTML5 technology facilitates color customization of the Media Player. 
  • Accessibility – HTML5 offers increased accessibility options and 508 compliance, necessary in today’s world. 
  • Implementation of Mobile Programming – With full playability on a range of devices, HTML5 enables institutions to offer lecture captures and other programming on both computers and mobile devices.

Benefits for Users

Users will notice benefits almost immediately on their end. Many people are familiar with some of the challenges associated with Flash-based media players. HTML5 offers an ideal solution to many of those problems, creating a more versatile and functional video experience.

Users will see all of the following with HTML5.

  • Shorter Loading Times – HTML5 provides a faster and better viewing experience, with reduced buffering times, even for users on slower internet connections.
  • Playability – Since HTML5 technology is browser-based, it works effectively on nearly any system, including Windows, iOS, and Android. Streaming is accessible on both computers and mobile devices.
  • Reduced Battery Drain – Playing video in an HTML5 player requires less battery power, whether the user is streaming video on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone..

YuJa’s HTML5 Player

YuJa’s HTML5 Player offers a versatile, customizable experience for users on computers or mobile devices. The HTML5 Player is available for both single-stream and multi-stream video recordings, and can be branded to match the institution’s colors. Users can easily modify the viewing experience to meet their own needs by resizing windows, expanding or reducing the Sidebar, and toggling thumbnails and captioning on or off.