The Value of a Cloud-Hosted Video Platform

Cloud Hosting vs On-Prem Hosting

Cloud technology imageCloud hosting involves using a network of connected remote and/or virtual devices, which makes the technology scalable, reliable and on-demand. Because information is spread across data centers, if a hosting site goes offline, others compensate to keep your system up and running smoothly. No two organizations’ needs are the same and cloud hosted services can be tailored in an unlimited way, with flexibility in areas like architecture, space and security.  The servers are owned and managed by a vendor.

The alternative to cloud hosting is on-premise, or “self-hosted” solutions. This option uses local resources to run software on computers physically located on-premise of the organization. The organization must have a space for the servers, known as a data center, or use a virtual private server or virtual dedicated service to locate on premise software, but hosting is still provided by the organization’s own hardware.  

Cloud Hosting is a Value Driven Solution 

Cloud hosting has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons, including speed of innovation, operating cost and security. 

“Cloud hosting removes barriers to entry for businesses and organizations, which no longer have to find and train their own team to support their infrastructure,” said Nathan Arora, Chief Business Officer at YuJa, Inc. “It’s a smart, cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.”

Speed of innovation: Cloud solutions allow for rapid innovation with fewer risks of disruption. Members of your organization can focus on innovating rather than reacting to daily minutia of technical issues that arise when self-hosting. You can scale up or down on demand, test ideas quickly and keep moving toward your organization’s next great idea. 

Internal operating cost: Using the cloud shifts what is normally a capital expenditure to an operating expenditure, lowering the initial costs, as well as ongoing IT management and support costs. On-prem hosting requires a trained team, whereas with cloud solutions, everything is handled through the vendor.

Level of data security and privacy: Cloud platform solutions like the YuJa Cloud ensure data security and privacy, which includes having third-party audits to ensure the highest level of security.

The YuJa Video Cloud

Designed by engineers, scientists and PhDs with a track-record of deploying large-scale distributed systems, each tool within our Enterprise Video Platform leverages the YuJa Cloud to deliver a high-impact user experience. The YuJa Cloud is the backbone of our entire video-powered platform, including lecture capture, media management, live streaming, video conferencing, social learning and mobile video tools.

Lecture Capture in the Cloud: What a Cloud-Hosted Video Platform Can Do

YuJa Software Capture ScreenWith a cloud-powered video platform, course replays, live streams and other course materials are universally accessible to students, whether lecture capture recordings are produced within the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform or using the YuJa hardware-based capture appliances as part of your classroom technology. YuJa resources, including captured lectures, course notes, and video podcasts, are accessible to students via multiple devices, from desktop computers to laptops, tablets or their cell phone.

Features of the YuJa Cloud-Hosted Platform

  • Find Media with High-Performance Search: The YuJa Cloud offers complete search capabilities across auto-captions, indexes, and metadata across your entire media library. Find exactly what you need in your video collection with advanced search tools. 
  • Convert, Transcode and Format Virtually Anything: The YuJa Cloud automates the process of converting, transcoding, and formatting your video files into easy-to-view formats accessible on a variety of devices. There is no need for third-party codecs or additional software to adjust file sizes or file quality. 
  • Secure and Protect Your Content: YuJa’s cloud-based storage secures your videos, preventing unwanted access. Only approved individuals can see and access your video content. This limits the risk of copyright infringement or video theft.

Cloud-Hosting Enables Responsive Architecture Capable of Handling Spikes

YuJa’s cloud-based infrastructure automatically scales during peak traffic bursts to ensure a stable experience for all users.

This elastic cloud architecture also ensures that there are no practical limits on maximum current viewers, maximum active streams, maximum simultaneous accesses, or storage capacity. The architecture can easily accommodate spikes in viewership, platform access load and in transcoding load.

Availability is a Key Benefit of Cloud-Hosted Technology

Another benefit of a cloud-hosted platform is that YuJa’s resources are available to faculty and staff even when they’re away from the classroom or office. While the YuJa appliance offers more sophisticated tools for complete lecture capture and room capture, you can also capture a lecture with nothing more than the webcam and microphone on your laptop (or podium computer). Since lectures can be viewed at any time, instructors can film lectures ahead of time, allowing flexibility for instructors.

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