Video analytics provide a range of essential information about audience responses to your video content. Analytics include reports on total views, but also viewer-by-viewer insights. With video analytics, you can see who watched a video, look at video hotspots, and see how long each viewer spent watching different videos.

Using Analytics to Improve Play Rate

Your play rate is how often your viewers, when presented with video content, click play. If you have a low play rate, your investment in video content will be ineffective, and your students, clients and customers won’t learn from your videos. You can increase your play rate by:
  • Choosing visually interesting thumbnails.
  • Selecting a high quality media player.
  • Keeping video content front and center on your site.

Assessing Video Engagement

Video engagement is how much time people spent watching your video content, and how interested they are in your content. Increased video engagement means that your viewers are staying interested in your content; they’re not shutting off the video mid-play. Analytics enable administrators to look closely at individual videos. This can, over time, enable pattern recognition in videos and overall improvement of video content and video engagement. Assessing the following may help to improve video engagement.
  • Are viewers watching videos all the way through? If not, when are they stopping the video? Are there any patterns to viewer interest?
  • Is the video topically appropriate for the site? Is it relevant to your viewers?
  • Does the video meet the needs of your users? Do they have a reason to watch it?
  • Which of your videos has performed the best? What has made it a strong performer?

Using YuJa’s Video Analytics

Using video analytics maximizes the value of video content and video content management. YuJa’s Usage and Analytics tools enable an in-depth understanding of how users are watching video, and how your videos are performing on an ongoing basis. With these tools, you can review how users are using your content, what is peaking their interests, and which videos are performing best.