YuJa offers both lecture capture, through an easy web-based software package or an appliance integrated into classroom media, and video podcasting. Both of these record audio and video, but they differ somewhat in function.

Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is ideal in the classroom, whether you opt for a traditional or flipped classroom structure. The YuJa appliance integrates into all classroom multimedia equipment, streaming your lecture directly to the cloud. With automated scheduling, you can even capture lectures without any additional work. If you opt for software-based lecture capture, you will need to initiate the software; however, it will work on a podium or laptop computer. Lecture capture is ideal for lecturers with a classroom! If you work in a brick-and-mortar classroom, you’re likely to find lecture capture the most practical choice, since you’ll typically be working from a podium in class. Lecture capture integrates into other classroom multimedia resources, including the SmartBoard. Your students can easily replay, pause and rewind lecture captures for future use.

Video Podcasting

While lecture capture is practical in the classroom, video podcasting offers a more relaxed option outside the classroom. Video podcasting is ideal for review videos or enrichment materials to supplement work in the classroom; however, it can also be an ideal way to engage with online students. Many online instructors have a home office, rather than a classroom. Video podcasting, using your own web cam and microphone is an ideal way to offer information to your students. The videos stream into the cloud and are stored as part of your learning channel. You can integrate files and materials you’re using directly into your video podcast, or even use an interactive sketchpad to illustrate lessons. This makes video podcasting a practical supplement to classroom learning or an ideal way to present short, manageable lessons for online-only students.