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Integrate Apple Keynote and YuJa Engage

Create interactive and engaging presentations with live surveys and polls in Apple Keynote with the YuJa Engage plugin.

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Engage Student Response System

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YuJa Engage Plugin

Make Your Apple Keynote Presentation Interactive

Use YuJa Engage to turn passive learning into active learning. Embed polls and surveys directly into your Keynote presentations and instantly access results from the Keynote environment.

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Lubbock Christian University

Texas-based Lubbock Christian University uses the YuJa Engage Student Response System, YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform, and the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform.

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Join Polls

Seamlessly Join Keynote Polls from Any Device

Instantly connect with students with interactive slide decks. Students can seamlessly join a poll or survey during live presentations using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

YuJa Engage Poll screen is shown on an mobile device.


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Live Poll Results

Get Instant Poll Feedback in Keynote Slides

Whether a course is delivered online, in person, virtually, or in a hybrid format, students and instructors can see poll and survey results immediately with live results integrated into Apple Keynote presentations.

Data Driven

Inform Decisions

Gauge Comprehension

Clarify Concepts

Results of a YuJa Engage Poll are shown in an Apple Keynote slide.

To learn more about YuJa Engage’s Live Polling Integration, call us at 1-888-257-2278

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YuJa Engage Student Response System: July 2024 Release

YuJa Engage Student Response System: July 2024 Release
In case the last release didn’t satiate your appetite for new features, I’m back to provide you with an absolute feast (it’s actually smaller than the last one but let’s pretend). Why? Well, because we...

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