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Mobile Apps

Engage With Courses Using Any iOS or Android Device

Provide on-the-go access to polls and surveys with YuJa Engage Mobile Apps for students and instructors available for both iOS and Android devices.

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Engage Student Response System

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Ease of Use

Download, Join, Log In and Review Results From Your Phone or Tablet

Simply download the app from the App Store, join a poll, and review results using your device. After the first use, log in using single sign-on.

Download App

Join Course

Log In Via SSO

Review Results

To learn more about our Student Response System’s Mobile Applications, call us at 1-888-257-2278

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Native iOS and Android Apps Designed for Instructors to Activate Polls

Instructors can seamlessly activate polls from their smartphone, ensuring they can engage with students and gather actionable, valuable insights at any time, whether they’re in the classroom or in an online learning environment.

Activate Polls

Modify Questions

Gradebook Integration

SSO Integration

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Mobile Access

Students Join Using an LMS Login, QR or Poll Code

Students can quickly join a poll from their mobile device using either a poll code, a QR code, or LMS login. YuJa Engage enables instructors to add or adjust questions based on received responses, without missing a beat.


Provide Immediate Feedback to Students on Their Mobile Devices

Give students peace of mind with real-time feedback and results on their mobile device. Students can see class and individual results from polls and surveys to better understand learning gaps and scores from graded polls.

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