Flipped Classroom

Instructors can record their video and voice alongside slides, documents and screen captures. Create video tutorials, pre-recorded lessons and clarifications, all within your favorite web browser.

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Flip the classroom right from your web browser

Offer flexible course learning opportunities.


Record instructional content from your home, office or favorite café.

With our web capture platform, instructors can flip the classroom from virtually anywhere.


Use video to annotate any instructional content

Pull in instructional material from any source and create a multimedia recording that can be published with a single-click.


Simple click-and-record makes course capture a snap

Instructors enjoy recording video material because they focus on the teaching rather than the technology.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Flipped Classroom tools, call us at 1-888-257-2278

Flipping the class raises test scores and student satisfaction.

Students love the flexibility to re-review video lessons

Students review video presentations before class and come prepared for interactive discussion and hands-on activities. Improve class participation and student engagement.

Flipping the classroom is easy with web-based recording and publishing

We make it easy for instructors to flip the classroom with simple tools that require no prior knowledge. Click the Start button, pull in your slides and just talk. Press Finish and you’re all done!

Keep students informed with integrated alerts and text message reminders

Let students know there’s a new video presentation available using built-in activity feed, email and text message notifications. Perfect for distance-ed and online courses.