Instructional Chunking With YuJa’s Video Platform

Instructional Chunking at a Glance 

Chunking in higher education is also commonly referred to as micro-lessons. When put into practice, the material is broken down into modules and then broken down once more into lessons, which are typically 5 to 10 minutes in length. These compact lessons are used as a strategy to break down complex information into more digestible tidbits, making it easier to learn and allowing the brain to process and retain the new information. 

Because research has shown that students better learn and retain information that has been broken down through chunking, instructors have embraced the method in their course design. Given the rise of online learning, chunking is especially important, as content has to be presented both logically and progressively for students to excel. 

Chunking With YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform

Chunking can be used to benefit students at all levels of education. Research by experts at Nielsen Norman Group showed that people prefer content that is logically divided or chunked because the information appears less difficult and easier to understand. 

YuJa’s Video Platform lends itself to many capabilities, but it’s designed to help make learning and instructing easier, including through chunking instructional material. One way to facilitate chunking is through a flipped classroom, which is a blended form of learning where instruction is done at home through video, and during scheduled class time teachers focus on allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of concepts through discussion, group activities and more detailed instruction. Flipped classrooms naturally lend themselves to take the form of chunking, because lessons are typically taught within a shorter time frame than what is seen in a traditional classroom setting. 

Instructors can take the concept of chunking a step further in a flipped classroom by turning what normally would be a passive learning experience into an active or interactive one. Through YuJa’s Video Capture Instructors can:

  • Create a video quiz with existing video content;
  • Turn their media player into a collaboration space with time-linked, in-video commenting tools;
  • Allow students to review, search and annotate video content.

Using Analytics to Inform Instructional Design

YuJa also allows its users the ability to see how effective videos are through the Video Analytics Suite, which provides instructors and course designers a deeper understanding of how their lessons are making an impact on students.

This additional access helps pinpoint areas of concern, and track participation and user adoption using near real-time reporting tools. Data can be filtered based on specific courses, video and users. Additionally, “hotspots,” or areas of confusion are highlighted, along with drop-off points, popular content and more. Administrators, teachers and faculty also can quickly perform data exports, including setting up automated report generation and publishing. 

No matter your educational institution, YuJa’s products aim to simplify the workflow and make it easy for teachers to provide the best learning experience for students.

YuJa Panorama: Simplifying Accessible Course Creation

What Are Components of Digital Accessibility?

Within accessibility, YuJa aims to ensure it’s compliant with the principles of Universal Design:

  • Media content must be perceivable, meaning that it is visible to all regardless of their ability. 
  • Content has to be operable, with an interface that can be navigated by all. This is where features like keyboard shortcuts and audio description come in. 
  • Content must be intuitive and simple. If students have a learning disability or they’re less intuitive when it comes to technology, institutions should be looking for ways to make it easy for them to operate and use as they work through the courses. 
  • Course content also has to be robust; essentially, it has to be scalable.

The Accessibility Solution — YuJa Panorama

YuJa Panorama is unique in that it adds to the comprehensiveness of the digital accessibility offered in multiple ways: 

  • Generating Accessible Alternatives: The high-velocity engine of Panorama digs deep into the file data structure to understand the current state of the content’s accessibility. By integrating into an institution’s learning management system, Panorama can automatically generate accessible formats for users. For example, when an instructor uploads a piece of content into the LMS, YuJa Panorama generates various files, such as Braille for those who are visually impaired, high-contrast for color blind individuals, text-to-speech, HTML, plain text and a tagged PDF version. 
  • Reporting: Panorama also tracks and delivers reports and insights on how accessibility is scaling within an institution. A visual accessibility gauge is located next to the file to make it easy for instructors to measure the accessibility of their course. Reporting allows instructors and administrators to effectively judge the efficacy of their accessible technology, so they can rest assured they’re doing everything they can to assist all types of learners with accessible digital assets.
  • Innovation: YuJa, Inc. is actively innovating to improve Panorama for Digital Accessibility. For example, we’re identifying issues and providing potential solutions to better serve our clients, such as recognizing decorative images, which don’t need alt text, and auto-generating alt text for other images to serve visually impaired learners. This is just one of many objectives our development team is tackling. 

Learn more about YuJa Panorama and it’s features, or request a demonstration

Lecture Capture Features to Look for in 2021

For many colleges and universities, lecture capture, or recording instructional lectures, has been one component of a successful transition to hybrid or entirely remote learning operations. Not only does this type of technology enable video recording in a traditional sense, but it can capture webcam video, digital whiteboards and computer screens using software, hardware, your browser or even mobile devices.

As the landscape has changed, so too have the needs of institutions, many of which have a desire to provide higher value content to learners. Features that were once an added bonus are standard, and features that help engage, innovate, and ease technology learning curves (for both instructors and students) are a higher priority.

As leaders in video enterprise solutions, we spend a great deal of time not only innovating and developing the next generation of learning tools, but also in understanding organizational needs and priorities.

Top Lecture Capture Features

Below are several important feature considerations as you embark on or learn more about lecture capture.


Compatibility is Paramount

IMS Global logo with "Certified" stamped across the center. One of the most important considerations (for any new technology) is how well it integrates with existing technology. This is not an area to compromise on, as it makes the entire transition and use of video tools easier for all parties involved.

  • Your lecture capture solution should integrate with other existing technology and meet Learning Tools Interoperability standards. YuJa, Inc. is an IMS Global Learning Consortium Affiliate member. LTI® Advantage is the gateway to enabling digital transformation—rapidly advancing a secure educational technology ecosystem where users have more options for innovative tools that work together and result in better integrations, better user experiences, and better learning. The Content Item Messaging (CIM) capability, which is part of the IMS Advantage Standard, enables Gradebook Sync.
  • Another advantageous feature YuJa, Inc. offers is interactive assessment capabilities  within the video experience, which includes creating video quizzes, inserting related documents, and making interactive comments.

Ability to Create Higher Value Content

Image of multi-stream, non-destructive editingEveryone involved is likelier to embrace new tools when they’re inherently easier and more intuitive. Features like multi-stream, non-destructive editing within a web browser, smart workflows, inline caption editing and the ability to schedule recordings all allow course designers and instructors to create and deliver higher value content for learners.

  • YuJa Lecture Capture allows even more tools within the video editor to create engaging content without the hassle, including tools for higher quality ASR captioning, multi-source playback and apps that enable lecture capture outside of the classroom for capturing field work, practicums and ad-hoc captures.
  • Like video conferencing tools, students and professors can add virtual backgrounds. Real-time whiteboards, desktop recording/sharing, bookmarking, note-taking capabilities, collaboration tools like in-video commenting, and live streaming all add to the value of a product, increase engagement and help improve learning by making your high-value content accessible to all.

Playback Ability is More Important Than Ever for Third Party Content

Phone Screen showing a user's most recent downloads.

With many students and teachers not being able to return to their classrooms, ensuring that videos can play on any device is more important than ever. Some institutions have students enrolled who have never set foot on their campus or even in the state in which the college or university is located. Students have to be able to access lectures any time and from anywhere.

  • YuJa allows the ability to download content for offline consumption (without WiFi or network connectivity), allowing flexible viewing on any device and dynamic storage solutions.
  • The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform can automatically ingest content from other third-party providers such as Blackboard Collaborate, Skype for Business, WebEx, Cisco Teleconference, and more via our Watch Point ingestion tool. Video conference recordings from Zoom, Webex and YuJa can become playable videos, which enhances playback experience.

Actionable Engagement Analytics Benefit the Institution

Image of analytics report and graph.Measuring student engagement is essential to understanding what is going well and to determine areas of improvement. Ensure your lecture capture learning system offers detailed reports and information about audience engagement, along with a comprehensive overview of viewing and usage behaviors.

  • The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform’s Visual Analytics suite collects a wide variety of data and provides reports that cover system statistics, usage, and instructional insights.
  • Visual Analytics and Audit Logging encompasses all aspects of the Video Platform’s function. Visual Analytics has been designed to prioritize key insights, enable easy-to-use filtering, present meaningful visual insights and enable on-demand and automated data exportation.

Instructors should be able to zero in on areas of concern and  track participation and user adoption using near real-time reporting. Today’s integrated tools have the capability to automatically identify actionable video insights to ensure students are getting the most out of each lecture.

Need more information on Lecture Capture, choosing the right tools or Hybrid Learning? Check out our Comprehensive Guide to Lecture Capture in Today’s Educational Environment or reach out.

Everything You Need to Know About Lecture Capture in One Comprehensive Guide

Lecture capture isn’t a new technology, but it’s popularity has skyrocketed. Not only does it meet today’s unique educational challenges, but it offers immense flexibility when used in a Hybrid Flexible learning model. 

We’ve compiled “A Comprehensive Guide to Lecture Capture in Today’s Educational Landscape” to guide IT professionals, technology decision-makers, school board members, and other key stakeholders in learning about Lecture Capture and whether it might be the right next step for your organization. 

What’s Covered?

Key areas highlighted include advantages and drawbacks, enabling hy-flex learning, choosing the right Lecture Capture tools, creating an ideal learning experience, training, steps to preparation and deployment and more. Frequently asked questions are addressed, but we always encourage decision makers to learn more by contacting us.

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In the meantime, click here to view the free comprehensive guide to lecture capture.

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