University of Manitoba Hosts YuJa Video Contest


Lori Isber from the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning sits with prizes from the YuJa Video Contest. Photo by Joeffer Domingo.

When YuJa was deployed at the University of Manitoba in September 2021, a contest was launched the same day. Instructors and staff who used the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform within the first month were entered into a contest to win a prize that includes a UM tote bag and products from YuJa, Dell and D2L.

Entrants poured in, and winners have been announced.

“Wow, I never win anything,” said Dr. Juliana M. Marson when she found out she was a YuJa Video contest winner. The assistant professor at the Centre for Earth Observation Science can no longer claim to never win because she picked up her UM tote filled with prizes at The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

YuJa Video Platform prize winners came from faculties and units across UM including:

  • Faculty of Science
  • Asper School of Business
  • Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
  • Faculty of Law
  • Max Rady College of Medicine
  • Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Robson Hall Law School
  • Vice Provost Teaching and Learning
  • Libraries
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Extended Education
  • Faculty of Education

Congratulations to all the winners!

This blog was adapted from the university’s news release. Check out the release here.

#COVID-19: How Instructors are Using the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform for Remote Learning

Fortunately, modern solutions such as the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provide instructors the ability to simultaneously live stream and record class lectures, host office hours, and hold meetings at the touch of a button. Requiring only a webcam and microphone, recording video is easier than ever and instructors can ensure that class is still in session as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tackling Coronavirus: How Instructors are Using the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform for Remote Learning

1. Lecture Capture

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers a comprehensive lecture capture portfolio that can be used for small faculty-specific deployments or multi-campus university system-wide deployments. Our easy-to-use lecture capture system supports flipped class micro lessons and >multi-stream presentation capture. Instructors can also present naturally across all their presentation material including video, audio, slides, document cameras, smartboards, and more. Integration with your existing Learning Management System (LMS) even allows content creators to seamlessly upload their recorded content directly within their respective LMSs.

2. Video Conferencing

With YuJa Video Conferencing, instructors can host small groups, large lectures and remote office hours. The real-time whiteboard feature enables participants to draw and annotate within a live Video Conference session ideal for one-on-one office hours, small group collaborations, and large-scale video conferencing. If you are designing a 3D model, sharing slides, or editing a document, students can even see what is being presented on your desktop and follow your on-screen actions through their own screens.

3. Active Learning

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers various solutions to promote active learning within a remote learning environment. Liven up your video quizzes by combining video quizzes with instructive in-video prompts and time-based supplementation information. Enable your students to create recordings of presentations, projects and other work with high-quality, flexible and versatile tools. Students can also access recording tools, share recordings with their class, or securely submit recordings to an instructor without the need for a third-party application. These various features offer learners multiple ways to enhance their learning experience and stay engaged while viewing online content.

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What to Consider in a Flipped Classroom Environment

As with any change in a class, the switch to a flipped classroom environment can initially seem intimidating. Instructors must have lecture material available prior to the teaching session that are not only digestible, but incorporates methods to promote active learning. Preparation goes a long way, and preparing your faculty with certain expectations remains vital in ensuring that your class runs smoothly and efficiently.


What to Consider in a Flipped Classroom Environment


  • The Instructors. While many instructors are tech-savy, there is a plethora of instructors who would rather focus more on teaching, and less on the technology around them. When considering

Everything You Need to Know About Lecture Capture in One Comprehensive Guide

Lecture capture isn’t a new technology, but it’s popularity has skyrocketed. Not only does it meet today’s unique educational challenges, but it offers immense flexibility when used in a Hybrid Flexible learning model. 

We’ve compiled “A Comprehensive Guide to Lecture Capture in Today’s Educational Landscape” to guide IT professionals, technology decision-makers, school board members, and other key stakeholders in learning about Lecture Capture and whether it might be the right next step for your organization. 

What’s Covered?

Key areas highlighted include advantages and drawbacks, enabling hy-flex learning, choosing the right Lecture Capture tools, creating an ideal learning experience, training, steps to preparation and deployment and more. Frequently asked questions are addressed, but we always encourage decision makers to learn more by contacting us.

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