high-res-student-taking-notesOne of the things students often ask for is assistance with test preparation. For faculty and instructors, test preparation can be time-consuming, with many students requiring individualized attention. The “Connected Classroom” tools integrated into YuJa can help you to prepare your students for their exams, provide them the support they want and need, and save your time.  Rather than answering individual emails, you can handle questions within your classes’ social learning platform, benefiting all of your students. With easy video podcasting and file uploads, there’s no need to supply study materials to students individually.

How do you use YuJa for test preparation for your students? There are a number of different options available, ranging from recording test preparation sessions to uploading course notes and presentation materials. Below, take a look at some different options for mid-terms, final exams and other tests.

Student Study Strategies

Students today rely on both traditional and modern study strategies. Some of these, like study groups, note-taking, review, and flashcards have been in use for generations. Modern technology also allows the use of videos, app-based study and online discussion forums for review. For some students, modern study methods may be more user-friendly and produce better results. YuJa embraces both students who rely on traditional study methods, like study groups, and students who use exclusively modern study methods.

Instructor Availability

If you simply want to offer students access to question and answer sessions, consider setting a time for office hours on YuJa, offering a group video chat, or using the multimedia discussion forums. For some students, this may encourage questions, and it allows all students to benefit from your time. Additionally, students can answer one another’s questions and create an online study group with one another.

Choosing What Media to Present

YuJa makes it simple to offer your students access to a wide variety of files and media, including files you have created, study guides, course notes, and even external resources.

  • You can opt to upload PowerPoint presentations, MS Word documents or other files to allow students to review course materials. If you use PowerPoint presentations in class, these are an ideal choice for file uploads.
  • You can create study guides for your students, referring them to texts or other materials from the class.

How Video Podcasts and Broadcasts Can Help

  • Capture a test preparation lecture or create a video podcast to prepare your students for a test. You can accompany this with relevant files if needed. For a final exam, you might even produce several short videos, to encourage students to spread their study time over several days.
  • Create a video library linking valuable online videos for your students. This may be especially helpful if you do not use lecture capture in your class. The addition of video helps to support varied learning modalities among your students. Video increases engagement, interactivity, and knowledge transfer among students.

Rewind, Re-watch and Replay

If you have used YuJa’s lecture capture tools throughout your class, your students can access your past lectures, rewind and re-watch sections as needed. The lecture capture tool makes it easy for students to watch only portions of lectures as they need to for review.

  • With the ability to rewind and re-watch, students can stop, look up information or add to their notes during study sessions.
  • Lecture captures allow students to make up for missed class time, so a missed day does not mean missed knowledge.
  • Since lectures can be replayed on mobile devices, taking lectures on-the-go allows students to maximize study time, or to use lecture capture during in-person study groups.

Practice Makes Perfect

Create sample tests using the quiz feature on YuJa to allow students to practice multiple choice questions and receive immediate feedback. Practice tests are an effective way to assess student knowledge, and can even be used to guide your preparation of video podcasts for test preparation.

Why Use YuJa?

These tools can help your students to succeed, whether you’re teaching in an online or physical classroom. Student surveys have shown high student satisfaction with lecture capture and online test preparation, using tools like those available at YuJa. Furthermore, for students with learning challenges, access to lectures and other materials can help you to meet special learning needs or requested accommodations.


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