Audio quality is essential for capture functionality; users need to be able to hear what you are saying.  Poor audio quality makes captures less useful, and may leave users feeling discouraged and frustrated. There are multiple components to the overall quality of an audio recording; these include the space you’re recording in, the microphone you’re using, and the settings for your microphone.

The Recording Space

The physical space and ambient noise present can impact the overall quality of your recording. Consider the differences between a small conference room and a large lecture hall, full of students. In an empty conference room, you may have few audio issues. In a full lecture hall, there is likely to be a great deal of ambient noise. While you cannot address all aspects of background noise, you may be able to control some of the following:

  • Turn off ceiling fans and additional, unused appliances.
  • Position microphones away from the classroom computer; computer fans can be a significant source of additional noise. 

The Microphone

The right microphone is essential to good-quality audio recordings. In a small space, like an office, the microphone in a laptop computer may be adequate. There is little background noise in a small space, and fewer audio challenges. 

In a larger lecture hall or auditorium, choose a uni-directional microphone. A uni-directional microphone picks up sound only from one direction. This means that the noise of the classroom or conference space will not be picked up on the microphone, while the speaker’s voice will be clear and audible. 

The Sound Check

In addition to preparing the space and making smart microphone selections, it is helpful to take a moment to check your sound and assess sound quality. While users can adjust volume in the viewer, if, for instance, your microphone volume is too low, many people will struggle to hear your video content. 

The YuJa Software Station enables you to test your audio feed before you begin recording. Check the monitor to assess your volume levels. You can also opt for a short on-demand recording to check and review your audio quality.