Video is increasingly becoming the main tool in which organizations disseminate and distribute information. Today, many use-cases involving video become more commonplace – such as corporate live streaming, the distribution of online training videos, product demos, and presentations. The question remains: where should organizations store all of their content?

Discover How to Deploy an Internal Video Portal

Depending on where your organization elects to store your video, the desired platform you intend to use can play a key role in how your business can leverage your videos for future usage. Today, many organizations either use a public video hosting site such as YouTube or an existing Learning Management System (LMS) / Content Management System (CMS).  Depending on which platform your organization elects to use to store your company’s videos, potential long-run issues can arise involving scaling, search difficulties, sharing, and viewing. 

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Often referred to as “Corporate YouTube,” a Video Content Management System is a video library unique to your organization. Various video CMS providers offer simple video libraries to an all-in-one enterprise video platform with video recording, digital asset management, and live streaming capabilities.

With a corporate CMS, specific employees can upload videos, record videos, and utilize advanced search-inside-video capabilities to search and view any piece of content stored within the platform. Further, employees can utilize their video platform to improve communication, encourage social learning, and share knowledge across these libraries amongst the organization. While a corporate CMS is typically set up to grant access to employees within your organization, it can also serve as a platform to securely store sensitive assets such as training videos, reports and forecasts, and additional information disseminated amongst executives.

A Corporate Video Platform for Today’s Modern Workforce

Leading organizations choose the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform to deploy an easy-to-use, secure video platform to manage video and digital assets, live stream events, create employee-generated content, archive video conferences, and more.

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is an all-in-one platform to record professional presentations and conferences, user demonstrations, and live events. YuJa enables smart organizations to use leverage video to promote enhanced employee training, create engaging e-learning content, and promote efficient knowledge sharing. Here are some use-cases that a corporate video platform can enable for your organization.

1. Create Engaging E-Learning and Corporate Video Training

A corporate video platform helps you save time and reduce training costs with both live and on-demand video presentations. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is an all-in-one solution to record training content, lead onboarding sessions, and educate field staff on the latest technology and industry news. In fact, recent findings show that businesses with a standardized onboarding process experience 62% greater new hire productivity, along with 50% greater new hire retention. The existence of an established onboarding experience is vital to ensure retention – and a Corporate Video Platform can help organizations do so in a fashion that is cost-effective and efficient.

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With a Corporate Video Platform, you can create video content to ensure that your new employees undergo an engaging onboarding experience:

  • Welcome Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Department Overviews

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform even offers fully integrated video editing capabilities that allow content creators to publish professional and polished media content without the use of third-party applications.

2. Securely Live Stream Corporate Events

With a corporate video platform, employees can live-stream corporate events with fully integrated webcasting tools on both our desktop software-based and hardware appliance-based form-factors. Your employees can stay up-to-date on the latest company news and announcements. Further, a corporate video platform also provides users with access to high-quality, secure video streaming across all device platforms.

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3. Search-Inside-Video Capabilities

Assuming you are an organization that shares hundreds of on-demand content yearly, housing content within a traditional file structure can become a cumbersome process that can lead employees searching through months of content for a single file. By housing your digital content within a Corporate Video Platform that provides text-based search, stored content can be searchable by employees based on its topic and name, notes, comments, or video within minutes. Your media content can also be published to Corporate Media Channels which are easily accessible by staff on any device.