Find Topics Quickly with Search-Inside-Video

Find specific concepts within the audio, slides, indexes, comments, and notes instantaneously. The Video Platform creates deep meta-layers that enable search-inside-video and search-inside-library capabilities.

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Unique Visual Search Technology for Finding Topics
Video Library Search

Video Library Search

Search a Large Video Library for a Topic in Just Seconds

Users can utilize our unique Visual Search to quickly search the entire library efficiently even as the volume of video content grows. Visual Search also provides a unique “pin drop” search view of matches contained inside a particular video.

Full Library Search
Pin Drop Search View


Use Powerful Search-Inside-Video Technology to Review Concepts Quickly

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers an HTML5 Media Player that provides full search within the audio track (auto-captioning), slides, notes, bookmarks and index.

University of Calgary
University of Calgary

University of Calgary

The YuJa Video Platform has enhanced teaching at the University of Calgary with features such as auto captioning and the addition of different languages to captioning, along with the ability to do simple editing and add indexes or chapters — all of which can help instructors facilitate learning and support diverse learners.

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case study

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Advanced Metadata

Automatically Generated Metadata Enables Advanced Search

Your search quality is only as good as the available metadata. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to categorize all your media based on:

  • Spoken Word
  • Slide Content (on-screen text)
  • Tags
  • In-Video Comments
  • Indexes and Table of Contents
  • Notes and Bookmarks

How it works

How YuJa’s Visual Search Works

The ability to search inside your videos and lecture capture content is powered by the YuJa Cloud. This leverages proprietary search technology that works in tandem with our auto-captioning, optical character recognition, and indexing engines.

Phase 1
Record and upload Content

The recording completes and automatically uploads to the YuJa Cloud for transcoding, post-processing, and multi-device playback.

Phase 2
Auto-Caption Generation

YuJa’s auto-captioning processes your audio into a metadata search layer for both improved Section 508 compliance and search capabilities.

Phase 3
Additional Meta-Layer Generation

The media is more fully indexed for search using OCR, metadata tag generation, and indexation.

Phase 4
Fully Searchable Media Asset

Your media content is finalized and can be published to the LMS or externally.

 North Carolina Virtual Public School

North Carolina Virtual Public School

“It’s a fairly easy to use tool. We’re a large organization. We have hundreds of teachers… It’s nice to have a tool that is universally easy to use.”

Case study
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