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Video and Caption Editing

Comprehensive Video and Caption Editing

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform incorporates a comprehensive suite of video and caption editing tools.

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Enterprise Video Platform

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Powerful Yet Simple

Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Editing Capabilities

The HTML5-based Video Editor enables multi-stream, non-destructive editing of content for your most essential video and audio editing workflows.

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Anglia Ruskin University

In this video, Jason Williams, from Anglia Ruskin University, discusses the myriad ways in which YuJa has improved teaching and learning.


Comprehensive Video Cloud Capabilities

Screenshot of captions pop up.
Language selection screenshot.

Caption Editing

Inline Caption Editing in Multiple Languages

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform includes an HTML5-based Video Editor that provides multi-stream editing of content for your users’ most essential video, audio, and caption editing workflows.

Link Insertion

Index Editing

Stream Download

Audio Levels Editing

Video start and end time edit options.
Video text overlay options.

Non-Destructive Editing

Non-Destructive Editing for Cuts and Insertion

With the YuJa Video Editor, simple workflows also include trim-start, trim-end, section-cut, video insertion, slide over-write, as well as text or image overlay.

Captioning Editing

Table of Contents Editor

Text and Link Insertion

Edit Videos screenshot.

Audio Waveforms

Quickly Trim Classroom Breaks with Audio Waveform Preview

YuJa incorporates an automatic visual audio waveform to assist users with identifying breaks in the class sessions and areas of inactivity that can be clipped.

Cut and Trim

Variable Speed Editing

Watermark Insertion

Audio Waveform

Illustration of how virtual brackground works.

Virtual Backgrounds

Upload Any “Virtual Background” Image

Add a “virtual backgrounds” to video streams independently using our Artificial Intelligence models. Video content is quickly re-encoded with the new “virtual background”.

A handwritten document with the word Abraham Lincoln written on it.

On-Video Annotation

Annotate Video Streams with Telestration Overlays

YuJa’s Video Editor has integrated capabilities to overlay multi-colored freehand telestrations onto the video source. This features multi-color pen selection with the ability to annotate freehand on top of a video source.

Screenshot of audio settings close view.

Audio Gain Adjustments

Audio Gain Adjustments to Make an Audio Track Louder

In situations where a video’s audio track is too soft, the Video Editor provides an advanced amplification and re-normalization capability.


Precise Image Overlay and Watermark Positioning

Video editors have control over their image watermarks and overlays with click-and-drag positioning and adjustable start and stop times within the track’s timeline. Creators can reposition the elements where they need to be to precisely adjust timestamp placements.

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Endicott College

The core functions of YuJa’s Video Platform – media creation, storage and management – remain widely used at Endicott College, but as the institution evolves and needs change, YuJa has been able to keep pace.

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Screenshot of confidence score close view.
Confidence score tooltip.

Captioning Confidence Scores

Captioning Confidence Scores to Pinpoint Edits

The Video Editor highlights words within the captioning that was below a specific Confidence Score. Words that the captioning engine AI are not “sure of” are then highlighted to enable a more streamlined editing experience.

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